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I love science!! And hopefully by the end of our study sessions I can achieve the same spark in my students! I am an artist on the side of my contracted chemical work and I also dedicate myself to fitness, all with chemistry/biology in mind. Everything around us can be attributed to almost all the same atoms, just arranged in different configurations. Isn't that crazy? Because of this, I see chemistry/biology as part of everything in life! I am dedicated to learning and very much sympathetic to students who struggle with science because I did at one time too and now I'm a chemist by trade! After all, we are all students at one point and therefore getting answers "wrong" isn't an issue, it's an opportunity to do better and learn something new! Whether it be art, biology, chemistry, entry-level science, or college level I am more than ready to tackle courses that seem overwhelming by taking them apart one concept at a time. Using some fun analogies, videos, and many relatable visual aids, I feel fully prepared to not come off as a lecturer. Instead I am more of an interactive teacher to show each one of my students specialized attention in each of their needs and confusions about their courses. Lets get some cool learning done!

Undergraduate Degree:

 Bowling Green State University-Main Campus - Bachelors, Biochemistry and Art

Fitness, sculpture, painting/drawing, comedy, science documentaries, coffee shop book reading, organizing/cleaning, and all animals.

AP Studio Art: 2-D Design

AP Studio Art: Drawing


College Biology

College Chemistry

High School Biology

High School Chemistry

Life Sciences

Middle School Science