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My name is Julie and I recently graduated from the University of Michigan (May, 2015) with a B.S. in Psychology and a minor in Biochemistry. I discovered my passion for tutoring while working as an Organic Chemistry Facilitator at the University of Michigan. For two years I lead a weekly two-hour study group where I worked with students in individual and group settings to help them master and gain confidence with the material. During this time I learned how to be both an effective tutor and an encouraging mentor. I guided my students through challenging questions; helping them understand the process as much as the answer. Not only did this way of thinking help my students by enabling them to apply the concepts we discussed to new questions, but it also helped me improve my problem solving skills and become more proficient in the material. Now, as a new resident in Boston, I hope to use these skills to help other students gain confidence in the courses that are giving them trouble.

Fun Facts:
* I worked for a non-profit for 2 years, developing and writing nutritional articles for a monthly newsletter
* I love to juggle and I started Jugglers on Campus – the first student run juggling club at the University of Michigan
* I was a competitive rhythmic gymnast as a child and have since started doing Aerial Arts
* I was born and raised in Newton, MA

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of Michigan - Bachelors, Psychology & Biochemistry

Juggling, Aerial Arts, Fitness

College Chemistry

High School Chemistry

Social Sciences