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Since I was a child the fields of Mathematics and Science have intrigued me. My specialty is my ability to convey concepts in a variety of understandable ways.
I received my education and Diploma from Sycamore High School and I am currently enrolled at Full Sail University and Majoring in Game Design.
My first job was as a tutor at the company Mathnasium, where I tutored students in Math from counting to calculus. My specialty is ACT prep and Math from Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry to Discrete Mathematics and basic Computer Science. Of the above subjects my favorite to tutor are ACT prep, Arithmetic, Algebra and Discrete Mathematics because of how logical they are. My teaching philosophy is that Mathematics is the perfect language, capable of explaining that which we ourselves cannot comprehend. Through Mathematics, complex Physics like Quantum Mechanics can explained and allow for the technology that we use to blaze a path into the future. My tutoring style is that each person has their own thought process that must be understood in order to properly convey complex information and thereby teach advanced concepts to. This is why one on one tutoring is infinitely more effective than the traditional classroom setting. Outside of academia, I enjoy Video Games both competitive and casual, as well as Music. I even produce my own electronic music and freelance voice acting and comedy. My goal in life is to understand and to be understood, which is why I find myself perfectly suited to the role of tutor.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Full Sail University - Current Undergrad, Game Design

ACT Composite: 34

ACT English: 32

ACT Math: 36

ACT Reading: 34

ACT Science: 35

Video Games, Music, Voice Acting, Critic