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My fascination with human behavior, motivations behind human actions, and governmental actions has existed for most of my life, to determine of cause of this I would accredit it to the War on Drugs and my volunteer work with the general public. I am truly astonished by the level marginalization that many people in our country experience on a daily basis. It has been an emotive and enriching experience to study and engage with individuals outside of typical social norms. There have been a number of factors I have identified that lead to the realm of addiction; individual experience such as a breakdown in relationships, immigration, decline of mental or physical health, employment and more often a combination of all of the above: but also group experience which includes the feeling of acceptance, belonging, and a fear of being alone or rejected—which ends up happening due to the way in which we present addiction to the general public. I was adamant from then on to continue to try to make a difference in this world, to raise
awareness of, and support those who are marginalized, discriminated against, stigmatized and misunderstood. My Anthropology degree has developed my understanding of people culturally through ethnographic research and natural observation. Alongside my History degree, which allows me to understand the evolution of addiction and marginalization—as well as to fully grasp why it is that governments aim to systematically marginalize specific people.

As a tutor, aide, and friend it is my mission to help individuals gain their own understandings of material and relate it to everyday life. By doing this I aim to help people think more critically of information being presented and therefore allow them to master material without even realizing that is what they are doing. Therefore, I am helping individuals not only learn material for the ‘right now’ but also gain the ability to apply that material in ‘real-life’ for the ‘later’.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of New Mexico-Main Campus - Bachelors, History

Reading, painting, drawing, biking, hiking, the War on Drugs, the World Wars, Peace and Conflict studies, Gendered Violence, watching movies, and learning.

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