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I am a graduate of Duke University with a degree in Health Policy and Education Policy. While at Duke University I was a student athlete, participated in the leadership of several clubs and service groups; as well as, working as a Math and Reading tutor. After graduation I spent a year pursing a business venture allotted to me through the Elevator Pitch Competition, my senior year of college, which I won in my category - Non-Profits. After that year, I joined the Teach for America Fellowship, where I fell in love with teaching. The Teach for America Fellowship is 2 years; however, after my first year due to the recognition and growth in my classroom I was invited to start a school. I spent 2 years at that school prior to getting married and moving to California, a few months ago, with my amazing, aerospace loving, husband.

Moving out here I knew I didn't want to go back into the classroom, but I wanted to find ways to support teachers and students, as they work toward reaching their goals. I decided to jump back into tutoring. Tutoring allows me to work with students whose needs aren't being met fully in the classroom and the supplement the handwork that each teacher puts into the education plans of their students. I have been tutoring all types of students from Special Needs to Gifted for 9 years. I have a ton of strategies for a variety of subjects and have seen my students grow leaps and bounds in confidence, skill, and ability.

I love the challenge of uncovering a child's weaknesses, creating the opportunity for them to discover what they are capable of, and the excitement of seeing their faces light up once they realize, they can do it. Nothing brings me more joy then seeing children walk in the fullness of their potential.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Duke University - Bachelors, Public Policy

ACT Composite: 27

ACT English: 29

ACT Math: 27

ACT Reading: 23

ACT Science: 25

GRE Quantitative: 157

GRE Verbal: 151

Dancing, Art, photography, painting, sports, running, soccer

6th Grade Math

6th Grade Writing

7th Grade Math

7th Grade Writing

8th Grade Math

8th Grade Writing

African-American History

Elementary School Math

Elementary School Writing

Middle School Writing

Public Health

US History