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I am a recent college graduate living in Los Angeles, currently pursuing a career in film and television production. I attended Boston University where I majored in film and had a concentration in English. Prior to this, I attended Paramus High School in Paramus, NJ, where I was an honor student and took several AP classes, including AP Language & Composition, AP Literature, AP Government & Politics, and AP Macroeconomics.

Throughout high school I was a coach for the recreation track team in my town, which consisted of kids ages 6-14. Working with kids at this age gave taught me the importance of patience and has given me the skills and experience necessary to tutor students in a similar age range. During my junior year I tutored an 8th grade student named Julian in Writing, Reading, and Math. Julian was an athlete, and although he was a smart kid, he was easily distracted from his work and had trouble focusing. I worked closely with Julian, getting to know him and encouraging him to see the value in learning. By the end of the semester, I helped Julian realize how smart he actually was and his grades and interest in Language Arts substantially improved.

Now that I am living in Los Angeles, I am looking to be a tutor part time. Right now my hours are extremely flexible, and I am open to work with students in all grade levels K-12. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or would like to speak with me before setting up a tutoring session.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Boston University - Bachelors, Film & Television

Making movies, playing music, hiking, soccer, tennis, track

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