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I was born and raised in North Carolina where my curiosity drove me to study the sciences of our natural world. That curiosity allowed me to gain a greater perspective of scientific concepts and how those concepts are represented in each science discipline. This greater perspective also gets me pumped up about seemingly boring issues. My enthusiasm is contagious, and since I can get excited about the processes that occur with the most mundane things, like soap bubbles or ear buds, I see our experience of the world as having three levels. When we see something for the first time, we have no idea how it works, and it strikes us as magical. Over time, we lose interest as we get bogged down with so many details. But with mastery, you can see the deeper significance, and you find the magic again. My goal is to help you find the childlike wonder you had when you first saw a rhino or a firework display, but you’ll have that wonder about the fundamental physical, chemical, and biological processes. Your world is absolutely amazing, and I want to help you to realize that to appreciate it every day.
I am more concerned with you understanding the basic topic because it does actually apply to your life. Many methods of teaching are focused on recall of specific information but I believe that concepts are the most important part of learning since you can apply the concept to multiple scenarios. I have worked with children for several years and have never lost my ability to communicate with children of any age. I am very easy to talk with, and I like to get to know my students in order to relate scientific information to their own interests. We learn best when it relates to something we already know. Relating the concepts to your interests is my specialty!

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Bachelors, Chemistry

Basketball, Improv Comedy, and Yoga

Anatomy & Physiology

College Biology


High School Biology

High School Chemistry

Honors Chemistry

Life Sciences

Middle School Science

Social Sciences