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I am a trilingual tutor, who has been raised in the German School in Cairo, Egypt, the country of pyramids and ancient civilizations. The German School is highly reputable and caters to the needs of children of the German expats, where I lived a double cultured life and got certified by the German Ministry of Education in Bonn, Germany.
Afterwards, I studied Chemical Engineering and had an internship in Hanover Germany at the "Institute for Petroleum Research".
My love to the German Language drove me to work for Swissair and Lufthansa Airlines, interacting with German speaking customers on a daily basis. I frequently traveled to German speaking countries for both work and pleasure. I have received all my work related training in Switzerland and Germany.
After long years, I switched careers from the travel industry to tutoring the German language in multinational language centers. I discovered that dealing with children and youth is very delightful and cheering, and helping them understand something new enables one to see their glowing eyes and their shining smiles. Teaching adults is as interesting to me as teaching children as there are more ways to connect and a broader platform to exchange culture.
Having studied the Arabic English Translation Diploma at the American University in Cairo, Egypt, added to my strong Arabic grammar skills as an Arabic tutor.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Faculty of Engineering - Bachelors, Chemical Engineering

Crafting and art. Flower arrangement. House planting.


Conversational German

German 1

German 2

German 3

German 4