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From a very young age I have been fascinated with mathematics and the rules that drive it to keep it all together. Growing up it was always my favorite class in school, and I got great praise from many around me for my excellence in my mathematics scores. As I continued to pursue my understanding of math, I saw how each piece built upon a previous set of assumptions and rules that had proven to be true through practice. I was eager to learn how far it could all go and how the understanding of it could benefit me in ways that I couldn’t say all at once.

From my devotion to acquiring and growing my own skills in math came a skillset that aided itself to teaching others as I continued to learn. In both high school and college, I participated in after hours activities that assisted others with the practice and understanding of mathematics. Sharing the tricks I had learned on how to solve complex problems was very satisfying, and it kept my own skills sharp in the areas I had to teach to others.

My first exposure to teaching others a skill came through gymnastics. Being involved in this since 3rd grade, I became passionate about the sport and practiced it every week. As I got older, my coach asked if I could help with instructing the younger kids. I accepted his offer, and I found it empowering to teach others how to do a multitude of skills and exercises I was so excited to do myself when I was their age.

Teaching math and gymnastics definitely had their similarities. Through my own learning in math, I realized how frustrating it could be when facing a difficult problem or concept. To help myself in not being overwhelmed by this feeling, I started meditation; it proved to be very helpful in calming my mind and allowed me to refocus and see a problem in a new way to finally get it solved. The patience I have developed for myself, and the combined experience of being both a gymnastics coach and a math tutor, gives me a unique skillset for helping and explaining mathematics to a broad range of students.

Undergraduate Degree:

 The University of Tennessee - Bachelors, Electrical Engineering

ACT Math: 34

Karsten loves to play video games! His first gaming system was a Super NES, and he got it during a huge ice storm where the power went out! His dad (also an electrical engineer) was able to set it up for him using a car battery so he could play it during the blackout.