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I am a Brown University senior graduating this May with a bachelors of science in neuroscience. For the past year and a half I have spent numerous hours as a volunteer for Let's Get Ready, a SAT and college prep program. I began my involvement in this organization purely on a whim, in order to give back to the community around me. I quickly discovered my passion for teaching, however, and began serving as the head math coach within a few short months. Teaching has allowed me to take part in the development of future intellects. To this purpose, I teach only mathematics and science, as those are my personal favorite subjects. I also focus on improving one's ability to think through a problem, as opposed to learning simply by base memorization. I do this because when a student's focus is solely on memorization, they often quickly forget the material due to time or stress. However, the skills one gains from learning how to think through problems are much more stable and flexible. This flexibility allows for those skills to be used in multiple subjects, and towards more advanced learning.

Now, a little about me. In the future, I plan to go to medical school and become a general surgeon, due to the growing need in our current healthcare system. I enjoy drawing, salsa dancing, and bachata dancing. I'm also the self-proclaimed FIFA king of my university, and will defend my title at any non-working moment. All being said, I hope to see you in my classroom as we work together towards & beyond your goals.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Brown University - Current Undergrad, Neuroscience

Soccer, Rugby, Salsa Dancing, and Drawing