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I have worked a good several years in K-12 public education. I have also worked with undergraduate college students as both an essay writing tutor, and classroom TA.

My experience in K-12 public education is extensive. With training in positive reinforcement, I have worked with students whose educational needs cover the whole gamut. As an ABA tutor in San Francisco Unified, I have worked with pre-K and elementary students, along with their families, in helping them succeed in their respective learning environments. I have also enjoyed working with students, elementary through high school, in the traditional classroom as an assistant, while working on my degree. I know the importance of creating a positive space.

With my background and training, I have learned a lot about working with students. I enjoy one-on-one and small group learning. I do not believe in using a prescriptive approach. Each student is unique. I believe the deepest learning and understanding comes in a space that is positive, calm, yet focused.

I look forward to helping you along your journey!

Undergraduate Degree:

 San Francisco State University - Bachelors, Geography-Urban Environment

I'm an herbalist/tutor who enjoys: tea blending, hiking/looking for cool plants, making digital collage, finding new art and music, making electronic music, and returning to yoga

College English

College Geography

Elementary School Math

High School English

High School Geography