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Tutoring has always been a passion of mine; there is something so satisfying about watching a student's eyes light up after understanding a subject that so many others could not help with. I'm currently in my final semester at the University of Houston, completing a B.S. in Geology with a minor in Geophysics. Being in the major I'm in, tutoring has always been a scarcity. This is where my experience shines; I've tutored multiple students within my major all throughout my college career. This is where I learned, I enjoy teaching.
I can teach any science, math, and English related subjects very well:
A) Chemistry up to Chemistry 2-College level
B) Math up to Calculus 3
C) English up to English Literature-2. I'm also quite proficient in helping with essay writing, including both research and non research essays.
My philosophy in teaching has always been to cater to the students personal needs. From finding out what specific learning style the student has, to repetition and a fun learning environment. The line between fun and work is a very thin one, and the hobbies I have support that. I enjoy playing the ukulele and piano, as well as competing in basketball and football. I hope you as a parent can put your faith in me to help your child improve their way of learning and understanding.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of Houston - Bachelors, Geology

Music, Ukulele, Piano, Sports, Basketball, Football

College Biology

General Biology

High School Biology

High School Chemistry

Homework Support

Middle School Science