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Academic success can be pervasive for a good deal of students today. The causes for these difficulties vary, but I believe they mostly arise from the fact that in classrooms, teachers teach in one set way for a large number of students. This is why I believe that tutoring is essential. In smaller settings, students can have their specific needs met without the worry of rapidly trying to cover a syllabus or ‘slowing down’ a class.

I believe my experiences and travels make me an ideal tutor for a number of reasons. Attending school in the US and Nigeria exposed me to lots of teachers with a numerous teaching styles, I thus have a wealth of styles to refer to. While in high school abroad as part of a school organized program, I was chosen to tutor my classmates as well as students in lower grades in the sciences. These subjects included calculus, physics, chemistry, agricultural science and technical drawing to name a few. In college, I continue to tutor my peers when I can, which has helped me establish a firm and continually growing knowledge of science and mathematics courses. The subjects which I personally enjoy teaching the most are physics, mathematics (geometry, algebra, and calculus) and economics mainly because they interest me and their link to our contemporary world. My teaching style employs learning by problem solving with discussions to solidify knowledge. I attempt to incorporate real life examples and pop culture interests where applicable to make learning a bit less dull.

Currently an undergraduate at the University at Buffalo, I am working towards a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. When I am not in a classroom or with a textbook open in front me, I enjoy historical novels. I also have a passion for music and host an on-campus internet radio show.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University at Buffalo - Bachelors, Civil/Environmental Engineering

Reading, attending concerts, listening to music

11th Grade Math

12th Grade Math

8th Grade Math

AP Economics

College Economics

College Physics

High School Economics

High School Physics


World Civilization