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I'm currently enrolled at Madison Area Technical College for my degree in Mechanical Engineering as I get ready transfer to the ever-popular University of Wisconsin. I've been helping people for a long time with understanding a variety of scientific and mathematical phenomena using my aptitude for understanding different perspectives. Many people who know me think I should be a diplomat. I hope this will serve students well as I become more heavily vested in the world of tutoring than before.

I like to focus on math because it's something that I always had trouble with, as most people. For every math class starting from Pre-algebra through Calculus 3 and beyond, nothing was easy for me. But, I found out other people have just as much or more trouble with math than even I did and that's when I decided that if I got through it, other people should too. I believe that anyone can learn anything with enough hard work; not only in practicing problems, but in exploring the ways to view them. I believe there should be no reason why someone's dedication shouldn't allow them to succeed.

And, this same idea is what allows me to succeed in areas outside of college. Not only do I compose music and design sound effects, but I also create 3D models, do photography, work on research papers and designs with Physicists and Engineers. And now, tutor mathematics.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Madison Area Technical College - Associates, Mechanical Engineering

photography, audio design and composing, 3D modeling, graphic design