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Growing up in a place heavily influenced by France and all its culture like Morocco, I developed a new sense of self apart from my African roots. Morocco may be known for its Mediterranean foods, its beautiful architecture and mosaic style and its beautiful beaches and sand dunes of the Sahara but its French influence is hardly ever mentioned. Due to the French colonization of the country, I grew up speaking both French and Arabic and went on to attend private schools under the French educational system. This is where I learned proper French with all its rules and uses as well as proper Arabic.
Since I was not obligated and expected to know my grammar and conjugation and all the other aspects of French until I started school, I realized how challenging it really was. However, like everyone else in my class, I pulled through until I graduated high school with a French diploma. I would have never made it through school if it were not for my teachers who gave me ample support and understanding whenever I succeeded and, more importantly, whenever I fell short. They became role models and motivated me to do well and to not give up to not only make them and my parents proud but myself as well. This is the experience that I hope I provide students with.
When my own daughters were going through the same French system I went through in Morocco, I helped them with their homework and assignments almost every day until they finally understood it well enough to go through their own by themselves. Of course, I still helped them every now and then but they are now proficient French speakers and know as much grammar, colloquialisms, vocabulary and slang as I do. I even helped out their friends at the time and felt overjoyed at their success- I was very proud. I was a volunteer tutor for over 12 years until I moved my family to Texas. Here, my daughters tested out of the most advanced French classes of their schools but their friends still came to me. This was the time I learned that French is a much more complicated language for English native speakers. There are far more rules and styles in French that are not observed in English, such as gender roles. It took me a little while but I learned to help their friends get the grades they wanted and learn some French along the way. I learned a lot from my students along the way and want to transform my experiences into something I can do every day.
I strive to be not only a teacher but a mentor at the same time. To become an educator whose influence is observed outside the classroom- at interviews, jobs, restaurants, parks, conventions, etc. My biggest gain comes from seeing my students do better in school, gain self-confidence and being proud of themselves, as their success is a reflection of both my methods. By teaching a language with which I grew up, I hope to both gain and give new cultural perspectives and share my love for the language.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of Lvov - Bachelors, Preparation for medical studies

Graduate Degree:

 Danilo Hatytsky Lviv National Medical University (Lvov medical Institute) - Masters, MD

cooking, interior design, floral design, fashion design


Conversational French

French 1