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I am originally from Rwanda where my education was in French from the elementary school. I became a refugee while I was at the very beginning of my college studies in sciences.

I spent two years at DePaul University studying a diverse range of subjects. My passion for sciences and technology, and medicine, in particular, took me to the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). At UIC, I am working towards a bioengineering bachelor’s degree, along with a pre-med track.

My passion is not only limited on acquiring scientific knowledge; my passion expands into dispensing that knowledge too. My teaching and tutoring experience dates back in 2003, where I worked as a teacher at primary school and then in high school. In addition, in 2008 I founded an organization, Green Solidarity, whose one of the working fields is to help academically struggling saplings. Furthermore, I personally worked as a tutor for primary school finalists. I also tutor my classmates at college, in particular, in Math, Biology and Chemistry. Remarkably, some of my teaching assistants do not hesitate to ask me to explain to them some areas of the subject in question they do not fully master.

This experience and cognitive base make me a suitable tutor in Chemistry, Biology, Math and French. All of these four subjects make part of my favorite subjects. Biology is my favorite because is my one of my main focuses. Chemistry is the inseparable companion of Biology. Mathematics is the basis of every science, since it all requires mathematical reasoning. And then French makes part of the list, because of my keen interest for French literature.

My teaching philosophy spins around the concept of ameliorating the cognitive capacities of the students at every session. I implement this philosophy through a pattern of steps making use of the active methodology. I mean to place the student at center of the learning process. My student is always in a position allowing the access to the steering wheel, where we roll together through the course in a way making the student discover the direction by him/herself. This intellectual training makes the student exempt of loopholes in the learning process and takes the student at the height of thinking outside the book and devising the next level.

The academia is not my sole domain for enrichment. I have a close hobby for reading novels, for pressing piano keys, for strumming guitar strings, for jotting down a couple of poetic verses, for countryside exploration, for playing soccer and basketball, as well as a slight touch for the culinary.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of Illinois at Chicago - Current Undergrad, Biochemistry and Pre-Med

Reading, Scientific and Technogical Exploration, Innovative Brainstorming, and Contribution to Individual and Societal Betterment, as well as a Slight Touch to the Art.

10th Grade Math

10th Grade Reading

10th Grade Writing

11th Grade Math

11th Grade Reading

11th Grade Writing

12th Grade

12th Grade Math

12th Grade Reading

12th Grade Writing

4th Grade Math

5th Grade Math

5th Grade Science

6th Grade Math

7th Grade Math

7th Grade Science

8th Grade Math

8th Grade Science

9th Grade Math

Adult Literacy

AP French

AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism

AP Physics C: Mechanics


ASPIRE Science

Biomedical Engineering


College Biology

College Chemistry

Conversational French

Elementary Algebra

Elementary School Math

Elementary School Science

GED Math

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