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Learning should be fun and exciting!!! Spanish is my first language, and of course, I have taken Spanish in college. I was born in EL Salvador, and studied there up to high school, winning different awards in Spanish spelling and comprehension. I also have taught the language to small, and middle school kids as I have had the opportunity to work as a nanny in previous jobs. I am also very qualified in math, and have helped kids to learn really well the foundations of mathematics in a way that makes them successful throughout the school years.
Being a mom of two children and tutoring other kids has given me the ability to implement different ways in which every kid can learn, since not all kids learn the same. I have helped them do great in math being one or two years above their grade level. Math doesn't have to intimidate anyone, that is why it should be taught in a fun way depending on the age you are teaching. Patience is the key, and the ability to know how each person learns is the way in which I base my teaching.

Undergraduate Degree:

 San Bernardino Valley College - Current Undergrad, Mathematics

Graduate Degree:

  - Current Grad Student, Mathematics

Ines likes to go to church and likes to read.

Conversational Spanish

Spanish 1