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Since elementary school, I have been intrigued as to how many of the things I came into contact with worked; however, the explanations I received were always either too vague or beyond my knowledge at the time, I have come to realize that the key word for all my questions was physics, where the most complex phenomena of the universe can be explained by fitting small pieces of the puzzle into a structured theory. My passion for mathematics is another factor in my choice of physics as a degree subject. I find complex problems in both physics and mathematics very challenging, and this enables me to embrace physics as more than simply a major or a degree, but as a personal endeavor.
Due to my upbringing as a youth in a single parent household with limited resources I was inspired and motivated to work harder; hence I approach the difficult most challenging questions with enthusiasm and an open mind. I participated in extra activities where I became an active member at the California State University of Dominguez Hills Nuclear Physics Laboratory, and in 2009. I began research in the Search for Neutron-Antineutron Oscillations at the Super-Kamiokande Observatory and Nucleon Decay Experiment, as well as Gamma Ray Burst 080319B associated with Upward-Going Muons. Additionally, I have tutored students helping them to achieve higher grades.
In summer 2011 I managed to seize the opportunity of shadowing a graduate student at the University of Idaho as he prepared samples and analyzed Nanoporous Thin Films for his dissertation. I was also given the opportunity to observe the planning and modeling stages of a new process when I attended their Research Experience for Undergraduates Program. Watching the application of the laws of physics being carried out before my eyes was fantastic and an extra motivator for me.
I intend to continue studying and preparing for the future, in the fields of either Theoretical or Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, and then continue to get a PhD. Thus I will be able to benefit my community as a productive member of society, in addition to conducting my own research in my field of physics to achieve my ultimate goal of doing something to positively affect the world as a whole.

Undergraduate Degree:

 California State University-Dominguez Hills - Bachelors, Physics

Beyond scholastic matters, I'm interested in activities that require thinking, such as computer programming, website designing, and scientific researching. I also enjoy reading, solving complicated questions, helping students, and volunteering at the local Salvation Army plus playing basketball and football.I also managed to represent the Physics Department at California State University of Dominguez Hills during the 2011 Science Society. I was the Physics Representative. Moreover I have handled the Coordination of many charity gatherings. I also represented California State University of Dominguez Hills Physics Department at California Institute of Technology Student Research Day. In 2009, I was accepted into the National Society of Black Physicists, Sigma Pi Sigma, the National Physics Honor Society

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