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After graduating from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2012 with a degree in Communications, I began working as a writer and producer. I'm an expert at crafting words into cohesive and convincing arguments, and I'm excited to help you do the same.

Trying to figure out what makes Gatsby so Great? I'll help you out. Can you talk for hours about why The Walking Dead is your favorite show? I'll show you how to apply the same skills to Shakespeare. Wondering what a subject and a predicate are? I don't know either, but I'll show you how to write an essay anyway.

I truly believes that every single student has the knowledge and talent to be an exceptional communicator, and I'll find the secret spark that will bring that skill out of even the shyest student.

For any IB English, Theater or History needs, or for anyone that just needs help getting their ideas on paper, I'm your best choice.

Undergraduate Degree:

 RMIT University - Bachelors, Communications (Media)

Cinema, television, pop culture, feminist critique, politics, cooking, baking, quoting The Simpsons with stunning accuracy


College English

Comparative Literature

High School English

IB History

IB Theatre

IB Theatre HL

IB Theatre SL