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Teaching is a passion of mine, and I believe that there is a way to help every student achieve their greatest potential. My favorite part of teaching is seeing the "light bulb" above a student's head when they have been struggling with a concept and finally get it.
I taught a high school classroom of high functioning students with autism in a therapeutic school for over four years. My teaching experience was very enjoyable, but highly frustrating as well. We worked hard to change behaviors and motivate progress academically and socially. Unfortunately we did not always have the support of families, and in order to really progress expectations in the home and at school need to be on the same page.
I look forward to working with students who really want to learn. My favorite and best subject is math, and I like to take a problem solving approach to teaching it. Many students struggle with word problems, but they are the only kind of problems that we ever run across in the real world, and with a good foundation of problem solving skills, the things that you learn in math can translate to many other facets of life.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Roosevelt University - Bachelors, Special Education

ACT Math: 31

Music, disc golf, gardening

College Level American History

College World History

Elementary School Math

High School Level American History

High School World History