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I am an individual that can motivate others to put their best forward in academics. Throughout my course of tutoring and teaching I have brought my unique life experiences to the table that inspire people to become better.

With my previous high school students that I have tutored, I have found a similar trend regarding the under-performing students. Much of it has to deal with either the lack of motivation or the lack of practice. I am a pretty charismatic individual that is very easy to get along with. I bring not only the academic topics to the table, but I also bring the personal life of the student to the table. I analyze how the student's personal life affects their grades and mentor them in a positive way so they can change their motivation. I care a lot about getting students into college and living their dreams.

At my previous jobs, I felt pressured to go into the Finance/Accounting world to ensure stability within my personal life. I was getting paid significant sums of money, but I was not enjoying the profession. I decided to take the risk and quit to benefit others. I felt like sitting in an office and doing repetitive work was not my idea way of making a living. I am a very optimistic person and I love taking that extra step to make people happy even if it meant getting paid less than what I made before. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing someone go to college than to see yourself getting promoted to higher level management. Being in education is a lifelong dream of mine and I will do everything to pursue it.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of Maryland - Bachelors, Accounting + Finance

SAT Math: 760

He likes exploring the city, reading and working on investments.


College Business

Financial Accounting

High School Business