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I am a recent graduate with a BA in Liberal Arts from a Great Books program at Thomas Aquinas College. This program was purely Socratic (discussion, not lecture based) which enabled me to become extremely comfortable with working with others to reach the truth and allowing for a wide variety of learning styles and thought processes. Previously, I had grown up and spent most of my life in Shelby Twp. and have experience tutoring beginning in high school when I tutored for a homeschooling family of 12 in subject areas including Algebra, math, English, Latin, and Phonics. Since then, I have worked as a private piano teacher and volunteered to work with struggling classmates at college. I enjoy teaching and working through problems with others very much and especially support the idea of individualized tutoring to meet specific needs of the wide variety of ways that people learn through. I especially find value in working with new students and finding ways of communicating truths that fit with their mode of understanding and help to feed the sense of wonder in their minds. I am very easy to get along with and consider my primary goal to be helping people to become perfectly at home with a subject and most of all to inspire a sense of wonder and interest in the subject so that there is a motivating interest to learning. I have always scored very well on standardized tests and primarily am interested in helping others do the same so that they can have the opportunities available that they need.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Thomas Aquinas College - Bachelors, Liberal Arts

ACT Composite: 32

ACT English: 34

ACT Math: 30

ACT Reading: 33

ACT Science: 32

LSAT: 164

Being active, sports, fishing, and playing piano