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I am a graduate of Califonria Lutheran University. I got my bachelor of science in mathematics. I seek to show students that mathematics isn't as droll and difficult as they make it out to be. Math can be fun and enjoyable once one understands what all the symbols represent and that the maths can be used to help in real life situations. However I understand that some people just can't find math fun and in that case I make sure to make the learning process as easy and smooth as possible. I teach my tutees by taking what topic they are learning and defining it in easy to understand terms for better learning. After that I tend to ask them a lot of questions to test their comprehension of the topic.

I enjoy games and a good sense of humor. I always like a good joke whether it be math related or not. During my free time, I love to play board games and tabletop games with my friends. But when it comes down to it I just really love mathematics and teaching it to others.

Undergraduate Degree:

 California Lutheran University - Bachelors, Mathematics

ACT Math: 30

Math, Video Games, Board Games, Tabletop Games