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I am currently attending Austin Community College and planning on transferring to a 4 year university to achieve a bachelors in chemical engineering after spring semester. Math was once a subject I dreaded on taking having this pre-conceptual thought since high school that I was bad at it, I put it off as long as possible in college. After taking some really hard classes like organic chemistry I had learned that if you go into a class thinking your bad at, that attitude will ultimately reflect on your grade. So there I was going into intermediate algebra with a changed mindset and the grade highly reflected that. Ever since that I have enjoyed math classes. Math is a difficult subject even for me moving up the ladder. Understanding concepts takes time, a lot of time and it can be frustrating. I know the struggle. I have been helping classmates from the beginning of my math career up to now. Given the opportunity to be a supplemental instructor for a college algebra class (the highest dropped class at ACC) it has really made me appreciate spreading the knowledge. Helping students go from D's and C's to A's and B's. The feeling of being able to help someone with a topic I once had difficulty with is indescribable. That is what ultimately led me to reach out to other tutoring positions such as varsity tutors. To spread the knowledge and to relay a positive message to fellow students or anyone looking to understand a difficult subject.
Subjects I tutor,
Algebra 1
Algebra 2
Calculus 1

Undergraduate Degree:

 Austin Community College District - Current Undergrad, Chemical Engineering

Graduate Degree:

 Austin Community College District - Current Grad Student, Chemical Engineering

Hiking, backpacking, camping, anything outdoors

10th Grade

11th Grade Math

1st Grade Math

6th Grade Math

Elementary School Math