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I graduated from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester MA with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Russian. I was a member of the Division I Track & Field team and qualified for All-Patriot League Academic Team, Dean's List and Dobro Slovo (Russian Honor Society). While I truly enjoyed my time studying the Russian Language, my true passion lies in Finance and Economics.

I currently am a full time financial professional working for The Vanguard Group in Charlotte, North Carolina. I love analyzing economic data and using that data in every day conversations and to shape my decisions. When it comes to tutoring I have a very similar approach. I will analyze where the problem areas are, or where a student may be struggling, and use that information to in turn teach and educate the student. Every student learns differently and it's important to identify how that student learns so I can best utilize my tools to teach as effectively as I can.

Undergraduate Degree:

 College of the Holy Cross - Bachelors, Russian

Hiking with my dog, Nala. Reading anything and everything. Being active (weight-lifting, running, swimming). Traveling domestically.

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