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My love for teaching began in the basement of my childhood home. I would call my little brother, my little sister, and all my stuffed animals down the stairs and set up my classroom. It was a very simple classroom with just a few chairs and a small chalkboard easel, but it ignited my passion for teaching and guiding students. Lessons have come a long way, from practicing letters and words on that easel to solving complex math problems, but that passion still remains.

I graduated from Providence College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. I concentrated my studies in Anatomy and Mathematics while in the Pre-Med program. I started tutoring the beginning of my Sophomore year in college, and have loved it ever since. My tutoring experience ranges from middle school level up to college level Biology and Mathematics. My two favorite subjects to tutor are general biology and algebra because both are like puzzles. The pieces of the problem all have to fit in order to see the correct answer. When I am tutoring, my goal is to meet the student where they are. This involves investigating where the student may be struggling or need guidance and building a foundation from there.

Even though I love homework, I have many interests outside of academia. I love to do anything outdoors, from running to hiking to swimming in the ocean. I grew up playing hockey, and I continue to play today.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Providence College - Bachelors, Biology/Pre-Med

I love to do anything outdoors! Running, hiking, playing hockey are a few of my favorites. I enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes.