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I am a graduate of The Ohio State University where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Spanish, with a minor in Forensic Science. I am currently a graduate student at Wright State University where I am working towards my doctorate in Clinical Psychology. I have had several teaching experiences, including being a Teaching Assistant for psychology classes, training students on assessment measures in our psychology clinic, and even teaching a class to women serving life sentences in prison. My work as a therapist shares many similarities with my work as a tutor. As a therapist, I work one-on-one with my clients to teach them coping skills and to help them understand themselves. Tutoring is essentially the same idea, except instead of coping skills I am focusing on academic skills. I believe that connecting with students and making information relevant to them is the key to success. I know that if I build a strong relationship with a student, they are more likely to listen to my suggestions and put in effort. They will be more excited to learn if the information being taught is relevant to their interests. Although I tutor several subjects, I am most passionate about Psychology and Spanish. I have always been the go-to person when my friends need help with these subjects and I am excited to be able to help others as well. When I am not studying or teaching, I like to cook, workout, read, and watch movies.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Ohio State University-Main Campus - Bachelors, Psychology and Spanish

Graduate Degree:

 Wright State University-Main Campus - Current Grad Student, Clinical Psychology

ACT Reading: 36

ACT Science: 31

SAT Writing: 720

GRE Quantitative: 166

cook, workout, read, and watch movies

What might you do in a typical first session with a student?

In the first session, I would focus on getting to know the student. I believe that building a strong relationship with students is important. I would find out their interests, how they learn best, and what they're having difficulties with.

How can you help a student become an independent learner?

I can help a student become an independent learner by teaching them skills that are applicable to more than just the subject we are studying. I would encourage them to practice these skills in and out of session.

How would you help a student stay motivated?

I would help a student stay motivated by making the material relevant to their interests. If they are excited about what they are learning, they will be more motivated.

How would you help a student get excited/engaged with a subject that they are struggling in?

I would make the subject matter relevant to whatever their interests are.

What techniques would you use to be sure that a student understands the material?

I would use a variety of techniques to be sure that student understands the material. These techniques can include quizzes, having them explain the material to me, completing worksheets, or playing games that test their knowledge of the material.