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I'm a sophomore at Amherst College pursuing an English/German double major. My majors, though, don't really speak to the breadth of my interests; I have a considerable background in physics and I'm currently taking an astrophysics class (because who can pass up the chance to learn about the Universe for a grade?). I tutored languages - English, Spanish, and German - as a high school student, and I've led workshops in essay writing at my high school as well.

One of my favorite things to do while tutoring is to look for patterns. It's easy to get lost in a subject if everything sounds completely alien, but look deep enough and you realize that the fundamentals are something you recognize. And the great thing is that no one's mind works in exactly the same way; everyone makes different preferential mental associations. (So if you're a soccer player, yes, I will find a way to work that into a math problem.)

I'm a good contact point for my students because I still know what it's like. I'm still in the thick of things right now - in the middle of my college career - and it wasn't long ago that I was poring through test prep books and cracking the Shakespeare code. It was just me out there in the academic wilderness, and over the years I've mastered 'doing well': 'doing well' is just collateral damage. Once you figure out the big picture, everything else will fall into place.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Amherst College - Current Undergrad, English and German

SAT Composite: 2330

SAT Math: 740

SAT Verbal: 790

SAT Writing: 800

classical music, soccer, learning languages, astronomy

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