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Different students have different abilities and different motivations for studying mathematics. Understanding students' abilities and motivations is a key point in helping them to study mathematics successfully.

These principles are among several pedagogical maxims I learned during my undergraduate education - I not only studied mathematics, but I was trained to be a high school mathematics teacher. In addition to upper level undergraduate and introductory graduate level math courses, I studied educational topics such as pedagogy, student psychology, and mathematics teaching methods. In these classes, I acquired various educational skills such as assessing a student's level of ability and interest, creating lesson plans, classroom management, assessing student progress, and motivating students to learn. As part of this training, I paid several visits to high schools where I performed student observation, taught lessons in mathematics and computer science, communicated with students and their parents, supervised students outside the classroom, and counseled students for college and careers. I benefited greatly from these experiences; they helped me to improve my teaching skills, my ability to interact with students, their parents, and my colleagues, and they gave me confidence that I could pursue a career in teaching.

As a teaching assistant at my graduate school, I have had a variety of experiences. I was a discussion section instructor in calculus classes run by senior faculty. In these classes, in addition to supervising discussion sections, my responsibilities included holding office hours, grading exams and homework, writing and grading quizzes, and assigning grades. I have also had the experience of being a sole lecturer with total responsibility for my own classes of 30 students (under the supervision of a faculty member). For these classes, I wrote the syllabus, gave 4 lectures per week, wrote and graded exams and quizzes, and assigned grades. I also volunteered to participate in a program in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to teach the Vietnamese language and mathematics to Vietnamese-American children. I got my Ph.D in December 2015, and I am currently a mathematics lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

With my over six years of experience in teaching math and my exceptional knowledge of math as well as math education, I am confident that I can help you succeed in any mathematics class you take.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Da Nang University of Education-Viet Nam - Bachelors, Mathematics-Informatics education

Graduate Degree:

 University of Wisconsin-Mi - PHD, Mathematics

Reading books, listening to music, and playing soccer.