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Learning should be exciting and invigorating. I have worked as a mathematics tutor and supplemental instruction leader for physics & astronomy while earning my Bachelor of Science in Physics at the University of Michigan - Dearborn. Also, I worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for two years while earning my Master's in Physics at the University of Denver.

In my experience, students get easily frustrated by teaching styles and a perceived disconnection between the material and real life. My goal while tutoring to figure out how a student thinks and find a way to encourage their own route of problem solving; however, I'll also show my own thought process in order to show how the same problem may be approached in multiple ways. Furthermore, I find it helps to motivate students with the "why am I learning this?" dilemma. Explaining real life situations to how interconnected and multidisciplinary the world of science is can hopefully help them not miss the forest for the trees, as the analogy goes.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of Michigan - Dearborn - BS, Physics

Graduate Degree:

 University of Denver - MS, Physics

Cooking, Cycling, Running

College Physics


Elementary Algebra

Elementary School Math

General Relativity

High School Physics

Intermediate Algebra

Newtonian Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Physics

Quantum Theory

Special & General Relativity