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I'm a senior at the Colorado School of Mines working towards a Mechanical Engineering degree. I've tutored students of all ages at Mathnasium in Denver, CO as well as family members in math and science. I enjoy all kinds of math from pre-Algebra, through Calculus I-III and on up to Differential Equations, although I especially enjoy Trigonometry. I first like to get a feel for the students abilities, including hobbies/interests/etc. I'm then able to associate math and science concepts with areas that pique their interests. In my spare time I enjoy riding, working on, talking about steel bicycles. I've worked at numerous bicycle shops(REI Denver, VeloSoul, Velowood) in the area. I also like to design mechanisms in CAD for my Mechanical Engineering internship that I'm currently pursuing. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and passion for science and math!!!

Undergraduate Degree:

 Colorado School of Mines - BS, Mechanical Engineering

I love to work on, study, and ride my touring bicycle. I am a member of the Randonneuring Bicycle Club here in the USA , we do long self-supported bicycle touring. I also love to design and build prototypes using opensource hardware such as the Arduino prototyping platform.