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I am 19 years old currently studying Theology at CCU, but ever since I was a kid, mathematics has been my favorite subject. I enjoy playing chess, soccer, and the piano. Helping out with kids, or just others in general, has always been something that brings joy into my life. For multiple years now, I've worked with kids at an after-school program at a church in Denver, Colorado. I assist with their homework and games; needless to say, I have experience working with kids and enjoy every second of it. I understand how difficult school can be, so my goal is to help students overcome their struggles and obtain a larger sense of understanding in their studies regarding mathematics and Spanish. The church I attend is a Spanish-speaking church, so I also enjoy Spanish. With plenty of patience, repetition, and perseverance, I believe I can impact kids' lives with their education greatly.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Colorado Christian University - BA, Theology

ACT Math: 30


What is your teaching philosophy?

Patiently taking kids through the basics and explaining things at a level that they understand.