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I was drawn to the sciences at a very young age, because I was fascinated as to how the body and the environment around me affected my life. The question I most asked my parents was why, because my curiosity could never be satisfied. Once I got into school I looked forward to any labs since I was able to physically get my hands onto the concept in question. I became intrigued with the incredible variety of organisms that inhabit our planet and wondered about their origin and how they have evolved.

During my collegiate years (undergraduate at Malone University and graduate at Kent State University) I became more engulfed with my science studies. My passions lied with anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and pathophysiology. I never wanted to stop learning all that I could about how the human body could be affected by so many various factors. These interests did not go unnoticed by my professors, and I actually created study guides for my fellow students throughout many of my science courses which is not too terribly different than the tutoring I do now!

During my time away from academic study I continue to peruse the academic studies that are being conducted about how science can be cured or slow the onset. I was part of an enthusiastic team of researchers in graduate school that were focused on how behavioral and environmental factors can improve health. I am CITI certified to assist on research at a professional level because of the interest that this sparked throughout my learning process. I was required to carry out multiple analytical procedures in order to provide accurate and reliable test results in accordance with specific written and verbal instructions and with due regard to Health, Safety and Quality standards.

However this does not mean I am studying all the time. I am very passionate about film and love to go to the movies. In addition to film I love the performing arts, and on the weekends you can find me watching some community theater show to support the local arts (I may even be in a show myself)! I also love to draw. Time slips away so quickly when I start a new project!

Now that you know a little about me I hope we get the chance to start on an exciting pursuit of scientific together.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Malone University - BA, Exercise Science

Graduate Degree:

 Kent State University - Masters of Science, Exercise Physiology

Singing, dancing, acting, movies/film making, running, swimming, biking, hiking, archery

Anatomy & Physiology

Life Sciences