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The intellectual basis of my tutoring philosophy rests on a concept from psychology, specifically a dichotomy between types of students. The first type regards intelligence as a fixed trait: something you’re either born with, or without. Those with this mindset tend to attribute their mistakes and shortcomings to an innate lack of ability. As one might imagine, adopting this compromising attributional style leads to the avoidance of situations where failure is anything more than a remote possibility. And, over the long term, a persistence in this view leads to mounting dissatisfaction, because most things that are worth doing contain the distinct chance of failure.
From the perspective of the second group, however, intelligence is not a fixed trait, but rather a lifelong project. To them, smart is as smart does. Their setbacks are not due to a genetically ordained lack of ability, but to the lack of a particular skill or effort, shortcomings which can always be improved upon. For those who have assumed this mindset, who have learning for learning’s sake as the primary goal, their intellectual frontier is perpetually expanding.

3 Things About Me:
1) I’m currently taking classes and preparing to apply to Ph.D. programs in psychology.
2) I’m originally from New Jersey but I have lived in Los Angeles for 10 years.
3) I played soccer in college and have also done a fair bit of soccer coaching.

Undergraduate Degree:

 CSU Northridge - BA, Urban Planning

SAT Verbal: 740

GRE Verbal: 169

GRE Subject Test in Psychology: 820

Watching soccer, attending concerts, working out, watching documentaries, listening to lectures (from iTunes U, The Great Courses), roasting my own coffee beans

GRE Subject Test in Psychology

GRE Subject Tests

Social Sciences

What is your teaching philosophy?

Smart is as smart does!