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I am a native of Germany and a graduate of Heidelberg University in Heidelberg, Germany. I earned my Doctorate in Theology at Heidelberg with an emphasis on New Testament Studies. I will pursue a law degree beginning this fall at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. After graduating from high school, I did a year-long internship in a childcare center in Brazil, learning Portuguese in the process. After graduating from the university, I moved to the US and served in a congregation and in the U.S. Army for several years. I am currently working on my second book-length translation from New Latin (16th-century) into English. My tutoring / teaching experience covers German, Latin, and theology / religious studies. I tutored German high school students in Latin, as Latin, along with classical Greek, was one of my majors in high school. I tutored / taught German college students and American middle school, college, and adult students in theology / religious studies both in a congregational and college / seminary setting. Finally, I tutored American high school students in German. I am passionate about teaching languages and religions because they are important windows into different cultures and help us understand people from different backgrounds. When it comes to learning a spoken foreign language, I’ve found, based on my own experience in learning and teaching, that actually speaking it, and hearing it spoken, is very important. This is why I prefer to conduct as much of the German sessions as possible in that language. In my spare time I enjoy biking, hiking, and exercising, as well as reading books and trying out new recipes in the kitchen.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Goettingen University - MDiv, Theology

Graduate Degree:

 Heidelberg University - PhD, Theology

Hiking, biking, exercising, reading, writing, cooking

Conversational German

German 1

German 2

German 3

German 4

Latin 1