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I graduated from Baylor University with a BA in Computer Science and Russian. I've had over three years of experience tutoring at Baylor's official tutoring center, and many more years with private or informal (friends, family) tutoring.
I have the most experience and skill at teaching Mathematics, particularly early college courses like Calculus 1 and 2 or Statistics, as well as high school courses. However, I also enjoy teaching many other courses, such as Writing, Computer Science, and Russian.

My style of teaching is to try and identify exactly what you need most. Perhaps you need a concept explained in a different way, maybe with personification or a cheesy metaphor! Or perhaps (and this is very common) there is some gap in your previous education, something crucial that wasn't taught to you in an earlier course; I identify the gap and then fix it so you can gain full understanding. Or even, you might have a very solid understanding of a subject, but just freeze up on tests! In that case, I have helpful tips and advice so you can get the grade you deserve!

Besides tutoring, I'm a pretty big nerd with a passion for the arts. Literature, film, music, ballet, video games, I love 'em all, and I love a good conversation. I have a particular passion for designing and programming video games, and my friend and I own an independent video game studio that we're trying to get off the ground.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Baylor University - BA, Computer Science, Russian

Playing and making video games, film, reading, writing, good conversation, social media