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I received my B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Kansas, and will be earning my M.A. in Mathematics at the end of May. I have had 4 years experience tutoring all across the undergraduate mathematics curriculum, with students in groups, and one-on-one. I've also served as a teaching assistant for 3 years, carrying out many different classroom duties for professors including grading homework, holding office hours, proctoring exams.

I've grown very fond of tutoring calculus 1, 2, sophomore level linear algebra, and differential equations. The "true power" of applied mathematics shines brightest in these subjects, and it excites me when I can share this with my students and give them that "ah ha! that's what a derivative does!" moment.

My preferred style of teaching/tutoring is a 'resource-orientated' approach. Very often you will have tutors simply there to answer the students' questions "how do I solve for x?" and the like, with a response of "first you add 5 to both sides, then divide both sides by q". That's already excellent. I prefer to take it one step further. If a student asks me to "how do I solve for x?" we will learn it together. We will take a dive through our 'resources' or our textbooks, and together we will find the pieces of the puzzle, without having me explicitly tell the student where the pieces are located to the puzzle of 'solving x'.

Outside of academia, I love to compete in competitive dancing simulation video games. (If you've heard of Dance Dance Revolution, or Just Dance, you will know what I mean!). It is great fun, exercise, and a great way to meet other friends with similar hobbies.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of Kansas - BS, Mathematics

Graduate Degree:

 University of Kansas - MA, Mathematics

GRE Quantitative: 168

Mathematical research, video games,