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I am a graduate of UCSB. I received my Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and am currently working towards a certification in Chemical Technology. I have experience as a teacher's assistant at the middle school, high school, and college levels, along with being the go-to person to help others understand material covered during classes. The subjects I tutor and am most passionate about are Chemistry and Math. These are my favorite subjects because I see principles to explain technology and everyday phenomena. My teaching philosophy is based on questions and on concepts that are difficult to grasp directly but are simple to grasp by analogy. I work with my students so that they develop an internal sense that enables them to create their own methods for understanding unfamiliar concepts. With these skills, my students are able to gain a greater appreciation for the subject and realize more of their potential. In my spare time, I enjoy board games, videogames, eSports, and baseball.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of California-Santa Barbara - BS, Chemistry

Baseball, eSports, Boardgames

College Chemistry

High School Chemistry

Honors Chemistry