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I graduated from Georgetown University with a double major in Biology and Philosophy. I love science and interacting with people, which is why I"m currently applying to nursing school. I've worked professionally full-time as a tutor of academic subjects and test prep for a year here in the Bay Area. Previously I volunteered in other mentoring capacities: teaching science, providing HIV/AIDS prevention education, and helping adolescent girls gain confidence and skills through rock climbing.

I tutor a variety of subjects, though my favorites by far are biology, grammar, and critical reading! Grammar may seem annoying to many, but once you learn the rules it really is kind of fun, and with critical reading you often get to read interesting passages. Biology has always been what fascinates me most, and I used to work as a lab technician, so I never get tired of tutoring it. I was diagnosed with ADHD as a kid, and that informs my teaching style - giving me extra patience with kids who ask lots of questions, need things explained in a different (or a second) way, or simply need things repeated a few times because they zoned out!

In my free time I love to go adventuring, be it around the city, or out in the wilderness! I love dogs and can't wait till the day I can get my own. I enjoy playing games, and constantly strive not to take myself too seriously. I'm interested in outdoor skills as well as science fiction.

Undergraduate Degree:

 Georgetown University - BS, Biology and Philosophy

GRE Verbal: 169

adventuring, camping, hiking, climbing, camping, playing games, reading, crafting