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I have a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish and Sociology from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Masters Degree in Translation and Interpretation from the University of Granada in Spain. I spent a semester as en exchange student in Mexico City and lived and studied in Spain for a little over one year. I am currently enrolled in the Master's of Social Work program at the University of Texas Austin. I am passionate about social work because it recognizes the strengths that each individual possesses and capitalizes on those strengths to promote change - a philosophy I apply in my work as a teacher and tutor.
I have traveled extensively throughout Latin America, and as such, am familiar with many of the subtle differences in the Spanish language from one country to another. I am fascinated by colloquialisms and enjoy sharing them with my students, so that they develop a deeper appreciation fr the language they are learning. I received my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification in Cusco, Peru and taught English there for 2 years to teens and adults of varying fluency levels. I used music and games to make my classes interactive, and in working with individual students and groups alike, I am always looking to identify ways to make the target language relevant. As I know firsthand how intimidating learning a new language can be, I praise my students and make it a point to recognize the progress they have made. I believe that building confidence is the first step to developing fluency, because confident students use the language more frequently, allowing them to enhance their conversational skills and build stronger foundations in the target language.
While living in South America, I also began to work as a freelance translator, and discovered a passion for literary translation. During my travels, I enjoy listening to and learning about different kinds of folkloric music, and meeting new people. My experiences have allowed me to see how powerful speaking another language can be in facilitating meaningful interactions across cultures and nationalities. The connections I made with other people were what made my time abroad worthwhile, and I am passionate about helping my students reach a fluency level that will allow them the same opportunities.

Undergraduate Degree:

 University of Texas Austin - BA, BA, Spanish, Sociology

Graduate Degree:

 University of Granada (Spain) - MA, Translation/Interpretation

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College English

Conversational Spanish

High School English

Social Sciences

Spanish 1