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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

We covered English grammar rules and punctuation. We went through a lot of practice worksheets for comma/semicolon usage. At the end we did another English passage practice.

Today the lesson focused primarily on different aspects of genetics and inheritance. We briefly defined macroevolution and microevolution, using these concepts to describe speciation theories. The majority of the lesson was used to aggressively analyze homeotic genes and their roles in development and physiology. Within this subject I explained what linked genes were and how they affect laws of inheritance (independent assortment and segregation). The lac operon was our central example. I showed the student the structural portions of DNA and how they react with transcription enzymes. I emphasized how each exon and intron are vital for homeotic genes during transcription and translation, and what would happen whenever these structures are tampered with or removed.

In today's class, we talked about the animal names in Chinese. I took the picture books and show them how to pronounce different animals, they seemed to enjoy it a lot. we also learned a mandarin song. There were many other songs they like. I found songs can be an effective way of learning, since they were more familiar with numbers after they listened to the number song.

The student worked on creating a bigger vocabulary by adding new words to her word wall. She also worked on reading comprehension by reading a passage and reading a chapter in a book and answering questions. I have been seeing more confidence in her reading. We will continue to work on fluency and reading comprehension.

In this session, I tutored the student for an hour, in preparation for the achievement subtests. She took a portion of a practice test, in which she read 2 passages, responded to selected response questions and 2 brief constructed response questions. In between each passage/corresponding questions, I would go over her responses with her. During this time, she would explain how she arrived at an answer/her thought process, and I would explain why an answer was correct or incorrect, as well as how to improve her writing on the written responses. I also gave her some tips on how to find answers in the passages, eliminate answer choices, and more. We ended the session doing a few practice math problems, in case she takes the math subtest as well. Overall, she did well on the practice problems and passages we completed.

We talked about quantum orbital numbers- principle quantum number, sub-level, orbital number and spin- and how to assign quantum numbers to various elements in the periodic table. We also reviewed the material from last session - frequency, wavelength and photon energy.

Today the student had a math packet that included division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction problems. There were basic equations and also short answer problems. He had to recognize number patterns, draw out numerical representations, and do some rounding. He had some trouble with the 2-part short answer problems. Sometimes he'd confuse what information from the first part of the problem he needed to carry over into the second part of the problem. We worked on this by re-reading the problem over and over until he got an idea of what the question was asking him to solve. He completed the packet. The student also had a separate worksheet with fraction problems. He all but finished the last 2 sections of a problem. Fractions seem to be a newer topic for him, so working with visuals and tangibles helped immensely.

We covered a lot today. We did a complete review of inverse trig functions in preparation for his quiz retake tomorrow. He also did his trig homework on Degree-minute-second calculations. We also went over Act III of Macbeth, 1920's and 1930's domestic affairs for history, and edited an English Paper, and made a study guide for his Morality test.

We reviewed a test that the student took over circuits and discussed the questions and incorrect answers. We then moved on to magnetism. I gave him an overview of magnetism, magnetic properties, and types of magnetism.

Today we began our session by studying vocabulary words from flashcards I printed. The student said the vocabulary section of the SAT is a strength for her, and her success with the flashcards made that obvious. Next, we took a practice test on the Critical Reading section that I brought. I told her to practice taking the test slowly and to closely read the entirety of each article. I believe that practicing these skills will help her improve from consistently scoring well to regularly receiving perfect scores. Also, we agreed that her biggest struggle is with the long-passage sections of the exam. We will practice this section next time we meet, on Saturday. Finally, I had her answer some problems from a practice general Mathematics and a Math II test. Next session, we will continue to practice these techniques, and I will record her improvement.

Tonight, the student and I continued to work on her literature paper. We made some really good progress, finishing the second body paragraph and making some headway with the third. She stated that she already feels that this rewrite is far better than what she turned in the first time. We also briefly spoke about her history assignments. At our next session, the plan is to wrap up the literature paper and complete at least one of the history items.

Reviewed ACT practice sections taken over spring break. Completed a practice reading section together. Between those three sections, emphasized test-taking skills along with content knowledge. Discussed strategies for skipping difficult passages/questions. Had the student complete a practice essay and noticed a marked improvement, particularly in his use of specific examples and with a strong thesis statement. Assigned the student to complete one full practice test before taking the exam in two weeks.

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