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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

The student and I spent the majority of the time working through the homework packet, but we did the chance to play a short game to review her spelling list. I asked her to find words on the list ending in certain letters, and she had to spell them out in crayon without looking after she read them aloud to me. She was very energetic.

We went over the student's chemistry quiz on element symbols and she did okay (86), except her teacher counted off because her lower case "r's" look like upper case "R's." We also looked over chemistry homework on the periodic table. We went over French vocabulary dealing with medicine and health.

The student had a prep book today, so we started working from the beginning on the math section. Went through basic math such as PEMDAS, adding negative numbers, and multiplying and dividing polynomials. Student is having some difficulties but is starting to pick up the information a little better.

The student and I went over his last couple of sections in preparation for his Wednesday exam. Topics covered were focused on logarithms and log rules, and we reviewed concepts from earlier homework on inverse functions.

We are continuing to focus on grammar and writing. This lesson, we spent a while on basic sentence diagramming: subject, verb, objects, pronouns, verb tenses, etc. He is doing better with this, despite starting basically from scratch. Continued with a discussion of SAT-specific grammar issues: misplaces modifiers, parallel structure, faulty comparisons. This class, he really seemed to grasp parallel structure for the first time, but will need more work on the other two.

The student and I worked on his world history paper.  We researched some information for the third body paragraph.  We were able to find some information online and we drafted a paragraph. We also drafted a conclusion together. By the end of the session, we had a substantial portion of the paper discussed and completed. The student will need to finish adding footnotes and make his works cited page.  He will also need to add more information in his third body paragraph so that it has three supporting points.

The student and I reviewed her trigonometry HW. She hadn't learned it well in class, but after I reviewed the concepts with her, she stated that it made much more sense. We also reviewed the previous section, which covered similar right triangles and proportions.

The student needed to prepare for her final exams for the upcoming week.  I assisted with her English and Math by reviewing the topics requested using the  study materials provided by the family.  At the end of the session the student practiced the "finding a just right book" strategy as well as practiced her vocabulary from the previous lesson.

Today I met with the student and we went over a bunch of vocabulary that she has learned early in her Spanish class.  The primary focus today was activities and how to indicate whether you like them or not.  She had some common errors on her last quiz that we talked about, and after a bunch of drilling I think she's got a handle on things (primarily getting mixed up with the subject and object pronouns).  Her pronunciation also improved today.

1/2 hour for math and 1/2 hour for Chinese. Went through the basic concept and to see where the student is at with related to the level of Math and Chinese. Had assigned homework for both the math section and the Chinese section.

We finished covering all of the material on functions today. The student's test later today should go well. We also began reviewing some of the older material for the final on Thursday. For the final we will be meeting every day until Thursday to prepare. There are a few topics I think it will be worth spending more time on, mostly the first unit on statistics and some of the trig.

Reviewed the vocab, completed fill-in-the-blank exercises with all of the past vocab, and focused on antonym recognition with some online practice quizzes. In the second half, went over the reading comprehension section from the practice test and analyzed the more difficult questions. For the next session, new vocab and a language section practice quiz was assigned.

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