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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

We completed our discussion of 1984 and continued PSAT verbal work. I encouraged him to continue working on vocabulary.

The student began by mentioning that his teacher had noticed improvement on his quizzes and remarked that he had gotten a 90. We reviewed Conservation of Energy problems, Hooke's Law, Work done by a spring, non conservative work, as well as power.

Good session with the student. We talked a lot about inferring what's happening in between the text. She is slowly improving at this. She is much better at sounding words out and slowing down her reading so that she doesn't skip words. I will bring some reading games with me next time.

Today we went over her homework. She was learning about ranges, quartiles, interquartile ranges, and medians for a data set. She didn't have any problems with the calculations. She didn't have any trouble identifying the medians. She didn't have any major struggles with this material.

Today we covered binomial and geometric distribution in great detail and at the end of the session today we had covered almost all points from Ch. 16-20 in his textbook. The student has made some very good progress. The student and I both feel comfortable that we were able to get him caught up on the material and I suggested that we watch a few more online lectures before his test but I am confident that he is going to do very well on his test.

Covered periodic trends including atomic size, ionization energy, ionic size, and electronegativity. Significant progress was achieved as she was able to better grasp the underlying concepts and rationale for the periodic table. We spent time going over practice problems in preparation for an upcoming make up exam which I feel she will be better prepared for. At the end of the session I introduced covalent and ionic bonding, and how this bonding can be demonstrated using the periodic table of elements. Overall, great session.

As of our review last week, the student and I are caught up with her class, so today we looked ahead at some topics from the next unit on polynomials, including the rational root theorem, irrational root theorem, complex conjugate theorem, multiplicity, and end behavior. I also answered some of her questions about the applicability of algebra to careers and about college courses.

This was our first session, and I talked to the student about some her area of concern and her needs for the subject. She had homework on thermodynamics and kinetics. We reviewed the topics on enthalpy, entropy and Gibbs Free Energy and Rate Laws. I assisted her with solutions to her homework problems, but she was clear on the concepts after my explanations.

The student and I covered functional groups, drawing organic chemistry structures, naming basic organic chemistry structures, making flashcards to memorize important reactions, and the general chemistry concepts that are important for understanding organic chemistry reactions and stability (e.g. resonance, acid-base chemistry, electronegativity). I left her with reviewing the organic chemistry hydrocarbon chain prefixes and functional groups as well as reading 3 chapters from her organic chemistry help book before we meet again.

Test coming up on the following for the student: -inscribed angles -properties of circles -angle lengths -power of a point Combining the following principles: -inscribed angle properties -central angles -random angles -angles outside of the circle -vertical angles -linear pairs -triangles -quadrilaterals He and I reviewed some difficult homework problems and all of the potential test areas. He got a 95 on his last quiz because of very small error. We reviewed the importance of always re-checking work when you have time!

We discussed the gradient and the directional derivative. The calculations of these were easy to do for the student. The concepts of what they mean are a little harder, but I think with more practice they will begin to make more sense.

The student and I went over what she has written so far in terms of story and structure, and did a vignette-writing exercise based on Proust's Petite Madeline. We delineated four scenes to be written, and I left her with instructions to complete one of those scenes in five pages before our next meeting.

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