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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

*Student's Goal Score: Cumulative - 1650, Math - 600, Writing - 550, Critical Reading - 500
*Topics covered this session:  SAT Format/Scoring; General Test-Taking Strategies: Educated Guessing, Time Management, Two-Pass Strategy, Bubble Sheet Strategies, Taking Brief Mental Breaks
*Assignment:  Diagnostic Test (Chapter 2), Email results before next session

The session started with getting to know the student.  Learning his likes and dislikes, and some of the subjects that he excels at and is not so good in.  After that we took some time to explain some of the test strategies that we were going to go over in the next couple of weeks.  He then took the practice exam the verbal and reading parts.

Today, I covered Solids, Liquids, and Gases with the student.  Specifically, the topics covered were: intermolecular forces vs. intramolecular forces, hydrogen bonding, van der Waals (dispersion forces and dipole forces), phase changes, boiling points/melting points, phase diagrams, and a basic overview of the gas laws.  She worked on her homework/study packet after reviewing the material.  Progress was great, as usual!

Topics: Cold War, Eastern Europe and the Iron Curtain, NATO versus Warsaw Pact, Communist takeover in China, growth in Western Europe and Japan, French loss of Indochina, British empire gradually dissolves, containment, Viet Cong, Ho Chi Minh, Korean war, Vietnamese war, nuclear arms race, space race, superpower status, Cuban missile crisis, Soviet economic growth and eventual permanent stagnation, detente, strategic arms limits, Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Gorbachev, perestroika, glasnost, Solidarity, and dissolution of USSR. Progress: Student was very enthusiastic about this topic, and asked a lot of questions about the subjects. I think he will do well on his quiz.

First session with this student.  We spent some time discussing goals and I got to know him and his interests.  We reviewed for a literature test that he has coming up and discussed some of the central ideas and purposes of critical thinking and analysis.  We decided to choose some independent reading to analyze on a deeper level, since he seems to be prepared for and comfortable with his reading for English already.  

The student was having difficulty understanding acid-base titration. By breaking the lab process down into more understandable small pieces, she was able to get a more solid grasp on the topic. The progress was good, and we will continue to review this topic to solidify the basics of acid-base titration reactions.

The student and I began by going to see her biology teacher, who reminded her of what she needed to do to catch up on her portfolio, and who told me what to expect in his class for the next couple of weeks. Then, we outlined her homework (there wasn't much due to standardized testing today), and she finished her writing assignment. We also worked through finishing her biology portfolio (the part that she was behind on), and I answered her questions about the college admissions process.

The student and I worked on a college essay this week; he told me several stories and I helped him decide which were best for the topics provided. He wrote a long essay, we edited it, and we identified where it could be cut for shorter requirements. He seemed pretty comfortable with the essay writing process and said he liked having a tutor to bounce ideas off of.

In this session we went over his practice test very thoroughly so he could have a firm grasp on all the material. We went over all 25 problems making sure he went over every step necessary to complete the problem. There were questions on calculating percentages, tax, discount, interest, and percent change. I saw a lot of progression from him. He was able to complete the problems with little to no assistance.

The student and I practiced reading and analyzing non-fiction texts, and then we read a fictional text for fluency and decoding practice. During the non-fiction practice, we worked on defining unknown words, differentiating fact from fiction, and making inferences based on the evidence that we found in the text. We also discussed the importance of daily reading.

We continued work on fractions in this session. The student is doing very well with math and is having little to no difficulty with fractions. She has shown much progress since I began working with her. We also worked on social studies in preparation for a test. We ended the session with spelling words.

We spent most of the session going over math problems. The student finished the Critical Reading and Writing sections with plenty of extra time, and math is the only section that he does not easily complete when timed. He did very well with math today, and has definitely gotten to a point where he has time to attempt all math problems and potentially get them right. He does not remember how to do possibility questions, which might be something we can talk more about next week.

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