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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

This final session consisted in a thorough review of the fundamental topics that would be covered on the final-all types of inheritance notions, polymorphism, and several other ad hoc questions about which the student was most concerned.

We experimented with if-then and while loops using the Scratch Java platform. The student has started to understand the process of coding and telling the computer how to perform actions. She enjoyed the process and really enjoyed being able to see the results of her coding. We are working towards programming a puzzle game, so her assignment for this coming week is to think about how to use what we've created so far and replicate is in that context.

This lesson revolved around parameter passing. It's one of the trickier parts of programming. After explaining the concept to ensure the student understood what we were doing, I assisted him by being mostly moral support and a backstop for syntax errors. It's a technique known as pair programming. He did well this session.

We made progress on a class assignment. We also went over various aspects of recursion, algorithmic complexity, and Java implementation (interfaces, object references, subclassing).

We went over one of the tougher questions for the student's last assignment in his systems course and discussed register optimization.

Today we went over his project which had two classes communicating with each other, and used some UI. He had his code which had problems, so we sat and reorganized/ re-coded in a better way.

The student and I continued working with Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel, and we also did some geography review.

Explained the concept of PC/IP, registry and memory addresses, data movement. Assembly instruction syntax, data variables syntax. Covered CS, DS, SS.

In this session I introduced a few more concepts like typecasting, loops, and working with vectors in order for the student to complete the next homework assignment.

The student had finished more lab work in class since I last saw him, so we turned our focus on the next lab he would have to do. This time, we had a list of web addresses and we needed to write a program that would read the file of websites to an array of strings, rearrange the text to reflect the 'packet name' - rather than the web address - and rewrite the packet names to a new file in alphabetic order. From the work we had done earlier, we knew how to read the text from the data file, sort it and rewrite it. So we spent our time focusing on how to rearrange the web addresses to form packet names. We needed to find a way to read through the original string, take it apart into the constituents divided by '.' and put it back together in reverse order - without the 'www.' We spent some time talking about what the code for parsing strings would look like, and worked to develop a mechanism for progressively parsing and rewriting the strings. I left him with some hints as to a clever, elegant way to complete this code, and I feel confident that he will have this lab working properly before I meet him again on Sunday.

Today we covered Graphs, Depth First Search, and Breadth First Search. We also discussed final project and strategies for completing it early. Will meet next Monday to cover MST.

Student and I continued going over websites and applications that could potentially be used in the classroom and how they could be implemented to benefit teachers and students alike.

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