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Harvard University - Studies Of Women, Gender, And Sexuality

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Georgia Institute Of Technology - Biochemistry

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New York University - Economics

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Your personal learning style and needs will be assessed by our educational director to ensure your key goals are met in STAAR.


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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

The student and I covered this week's objectives in math, science and spelling. We reviewed fractions and multiplying them with whole numbers. We then did the same process using algebra which was much easier for her once I explained it and she tried some examples. Science was much better this week after her practice quiz last week. She is still working on rocks with this week's focus on erosion, weathering and soil. Finally we went over this week's spelling words.

Tonight the student and I started to prep for her assessment testing. We worked on math topics involving symmetry, congruence, and elapsed time. We spent the remainder of the session working on reading comprehension exercises. The student did well with these exercises but we need to review time a bit more.

The student and I covered the following topics for the Biology assessment:

2012 FRQ, Q#2 (metab, data interp)

2010 FRQ, Q#2 (Mendelian genetics, Punnet, hardy-w)

2007 FRQ, Q#$ (Molecular biotech - electroph gel, plasmid, tranfrmtn, recomb. DNA, GMOs/ecosys)

Study strategies: note-taking style, succinct summaries, asking self high-level analysis/compare-contrast Q's.

Next session we will:

Cover 2-3 more FRQ

New content: Chps 10, 11 (Classification, Evolution)

Old content: Chps 4-9 (Energy, Cell Div, Molecular Basis of Genetics)

We spent most of the session working on questions about a sample reading passage. We worked on correcting run-on sentences, fixing spelling, and finding textual evidence to support answers. We also practiced using the process of elimination to find the correct answer in multiple choice questions. Then we moved on to math. We started to work on sample math questions from the book. We also practiced reducing fractions.

Continue to discuss review topics in social studies and science in preparation for the student's test. The student told me she is reviewing the English topic cards on her own since English grammar and terms are a big part of the test.

The student worked 4 math practice tests consisting of 20 questions each. His average for the practice exams was 90.25. The student needs more practice in adding and subtracting mixed positive and negative numbers, finding percentages, and adding and subtracting mixed fractions. He also worked 4 math pages in his Stanford Achievement Test practice workbook.

We started with two-step variable equations, understanding how to solve for x. Then, the student and I discussed proportions and ratios, and completed a worksheet on that. Next, we did word problems to strengthen his comprehension. He occasionally messed up on fractions, so we'll focus more on that in the future. Finally we reviewed his math homework, relating to angle measurement and geometric vocabulary.

The student and I started working through an old state test so I could get an idea of what she needs to work on. She seems to understand the concepts behind the problem but struggles with application of equations. For starters, I asked her to make flash cards of all the formulas from the test booklet and work on memorizing them for next session. We then worked on going through the problems and focusing on areas where she could cut down on the time it takes to solve the problems.

The student and I met today to work on the upcoming test instead of regular physics. She did awesome with the majority of the test but could use a brief overview of chemistry and biology principles. We talked about some of the testing material but did not have time to cover all topics.

During this session, the student and I worked on homework problems I gave him last night. He seems to have a firm grasp of proportions and unit conversions so far, so those problems went well. We struggled together through the systems of multiple equations. Finally, we settled on one technique that he felt comfortable with and could use consistently on the test and, after that, he seemed a lot more comfortable with solving multiple equations. We also reviewed the symbolism homework in depth--definitely a subject we will continue to practice, but he has made a lot of improvement. Finally, we went over some basic geometry concepts. He did really well with these--I'm excited to do a bit more practice with them, but already he seemed comfortable!

The student did some prep for the reading portion of the test. She does very well in reading with a close understanding and she has a very strategic approach when she analyzes the question and the answers. I am sure she will do fine on the reading.

Today we continued reviewing for her biology and algebra state tests. I highly doubt she's going to have a bit of trouble with either test, as long as she continues to keep reviewing her weak areas on her own.

How can a tutor help you master the STAAR?

These STAAR tutors can help your student reach his or her highest potential on the STAAR exam in the comfort of your own home or any other location of your choosing.

We offer intensive 4 and 6 week programs, as well as customized plans, to significantly increase your STAAR or EOC scores, and help you stay on track towards high school graduation.

Intensive 4 and 6 Week STAAR and EOC prep programs

Varsity Tutors provides intensive 4 and 6 week test prep programs for Texas students, helping them achieve new levels of achievement on the state standardized exams. Our programs meet 3 times per week for 2 hours per day for either 4 or 6 weeks. If you are unable to attend all 6 weeks, you may take the compacted 4 week course. Your selected tutor can help you achieve an exceptional score and ensure that you stay on track for high school graduation. STAAR tutors thoroughly assess your current skill level, identify areas for improvement, and develop a plan to give you the best chance for great STAAR scores each school year.

Your hand-picked, highly credentialed STAAR tutor is dedicated to your continual improvement. They will give assignments between sessions and provide tutoring for each of the STAAR exams you have pass this school year. STAAR tutors can provide subject area coaching, such as strengthening your math and reading skills or social studies knowledge. In addition, tutors provide test-taking strategies and insight into the format of the STAAR test.

If you are seeking a more flexible program that meets less frequently, you can consider a customized program that may be a better fit with your schedule (see below).

Customized STAAR and EOC prep programs

Choose from fully customized STAAR test prep programs to match your needs and schedule. Brilliant private tutors provide 1-on-1 tutoring in your home, or another convenient location of your choosing, and sessions are scheduled around your classes, extra-curriculars, and other activities. Our Directors provide free consultations in which you’ll learn how our hand-picked, highly credentialed tutors can help you achieve your STAAR goals, leaving you well-prepared for the exams in the spring. Call us today and our Directors will discuss your goals, schedule, and specific needs and create a customized plan that meets your STAAR goals in the most efficient way.

How does a tutor help you prepare for the STAAR and EOCs? Varsity Tutors understands the importance of helping elementary, middle, and high school students in Texas excel on their standardized tests each year. We help Texas students taking the STAAR or EOCs, previously known as TAKS, connect with a qualified and experienced tutor. A STAAR tutor will work with you one-on-one in the comfort of your home or other convenient locations. Your tutor will individualize his or her approach so that you gain the strategies, content knowledge, and confidence needed to excel on these important tests.

The STAAR, State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness, is taken by most Texas public school students in spring of each year during grades three through twelve. The test is administered over a period of one or two weeks, depending on each school district. Students are tested on math and reading each year. Writing tests are issued in grades four and seven. Science tests on the STAAR are given in grades five and eight. A social studies test is scheduled in grade 8.

State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR)

The STAAR is taken by most Texas public school students in spring of each year during grades three through twelve. The test is administered over a period of one or two weeks, depending on the choice of each individual school. Students are tested on math and reading each year. Writing tests are issued in grades four and seven. Science tests on the STAAR are given in grades five and eight. A social studies test is scheduled in grade 8.

High school students are required to pass five End Of Course (EOC) exams, including Algebra I, English I, English II, Biology, and U.S. History.  Students must achieve satisfactory levels on all five exams in order to graduate high school.

Varsity Tutors understands how important it is for your senior to walk with their graduating class. A STAAR tutor  can help, ensuring that your student stays at grade level and passes the required EOC exams. Don’t wait until the last minute, if your child is struggling with a portion of the STAAR call us and we will be there for you.