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Experience HSPT tutoring by highly credentialed tutors in St. Louis, MO. Top tutors will help your child master the HSPT through one-on-one tutoring in the comfort of your home, online, or any other location of your choice.

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Truman State University - Linguistics, English

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Saint Louis University School Of Law - Law

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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

She took her last Quantitative practice test, where she did exceptionally well, only missing four questions. Then she took a practice Reading test, where she did not do so well. She still forgets to go back to the passage to answer the questions, and sum up the passage as she goes. We practiced more of this, working through them together and discussing strategies.

We began by reviewing some basic geometry equations, and the student has a sheet to work on without me. We spent the rest of the time focusing on the Language Arts section of the test.

Since this was our first session I provided the student with verbal and quantitative exercises to see where she stood. She did well but did needed to be more focused on timing, which is a primary factor for the test. I asked her afterwards what she feels like she needs the most help with and e-mailed her homework accordingly.

Began an in-depth review of the practice test. Focused on the Language section and went over important topics --- when to use I/me, its/it's, use of semicolons and colons etc. etc... These concepts will need to be reinforced in upcoming sessions. Added some new vocabulary words and reviewed the verbal skills section as well.

The student and I corrected the practice test she took. We worked on vocabulary, analogies, ratios, and converting between fractions, decimals, and percentages. Her homework is to finish correcting her test, try to get to the correct answers on her own, and then circle the ones she needs to work on with me. She should also make vocabulary flash cards, work on her times tables and take another exam before next Saturday.

This session, we practiced the act of fast estimation. Our goal was to move through 50 questions as fast as humanly possible using estimation of answers. It is clear that the student will not have enough time to get through the math section so the goal is to give him some tips to get through questions very quickly, by using answer gauging and using rough estimates to determine the answers. The good news is that it is working and he is getting pretty good at it. I gave him homework for estimation and the instructions to get through it as fast as possible. We shall see how he does on Tuesday.

Today we discussed the importance of word roots. I gave the students several vocabulary words that have these roots and asked them to make the connections between the meaning of the root and the word. We also went over problems involving number sequences and solving for unknowns. The students will need assistance acquiring more vocabulary, as many of the words were new for them. To this end I will be making them digital flashcard sets to review on their own.

We covered a variety of verbal/language stuff. We went through a ton of practice problems. The student struggled with vocab that he didn't know, but we talked about clues to help him with those. I left him with a couple of vocab words to learn.

We spent today working on reading comprehension, understanding the five basic question types and how to read the passages in anticipation of these questions. We spent some extra time spent on how to make inferences about the high school placement test passages, specifically for the test questions, as opposed to how to interpret other types of reading. I think it was a great session!

I quizzed the student on previously unknown words. We discussed some approaches to take for questions the student did not know, mainly eliminating incorrect responses. We also covered additional verbal and quantitative questions.

The student and I went over a complete practice test. He did very well on verbal, quantitative, and mathematics. His biggest struggle came in the reading and grammar sections, but with practice this week they should go up quickly.

We went over the student's second diagnostic as well as a short practice test. Afterwards we worked on geometric and non-geometric comparisons. In addition, we focused on learning how to find slopes.

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