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We require the most rigorous qualifications of our SHSAT tutors, in addition to a background check.

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Varsity Tutors offers SHSAT tutoring by highly credentialed tutors. We'll help you master the SHSAT through one-on-one tutoring in the comfort of your home, online, or any other location of your choice.

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We have exceptional tutors with the highest of qualifications ready to help you master SHSAT. The tutors come from top institutions such as MIT, Stanford, UChicago, Yale, Harvard, UPenn, Notre Dame, Amherst, UC Berkeley, Northwestern, Rice, Columbia, WashU, Emory, Brown, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, UNC, Michigan, UCLA, and many other top programs.



Undergraduate Degree:
Harvard University - Studies Of Women, Gender, And Sexuality



Undergraduate Degree:
Georgia Institute Of Technology - Biochemistry



Undergraduate Degree:
New York University - Economics

How we help you master: SHSAT


Your personal learning style and needs will be assessed by our educational director to ensure your key goals are met in SHSAT.


Your SHSAT tutor will quickly assess your proficiency with the material, and identify areas for improvement.


We will design a custom-made program to get you on track to meet and exceed your goals.

Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

We studied for an upcoming bio test by reviewing the stages of cell division and discussing the importance of mitosis. We worked on flash cards for important terms, especially since many of the vocabulary words sound very similar. We also talked about drawing out each stage and writing the major occurrences under each picture.

Animal diversity, the concept of gene regulation, homeoboxes and Hox genes, and another review of signal transduction to include the importance of gene regulation; brief look at body systems; a detailed review of the aerobic respiration, including glycolysis and electron transport chain as an advanced review for the AP exam

We reviewed the next homework assignments on t-test with dependent samples/paired samples and ANOVA testing; then covered the following assignment on chi-square testing together both theoretically and on SPSS. The student is doing very well with understanding how to conduct each test, and as long as she stays on top of the theoretical aspects of why each test is used for various situations, she has a great potential to do well in this class.

Today we reviewed all three systems that the student will be tested on during her test Thursday. The review went well, and although she missed a few individual pieces of data, she appears to have learned the majority of the material. We also went over the conceptual questions I gave her last week and I did not have to make very many adjustments/corrections.

The student and I went over line segments and angles related to circles (tangents, chords, secants, central angles, inscribed angles), and he was able to confidently answer my questions. Next, we began to review for his biology final and he was able to recall a solid amount of the material from the beginning of his school year. We will continue with the biology review.

We did critical reading (finding patterns in the structure of the passage, simplifying the passage, and connecting the questions to the passage). We also worked on sentence completions and we finished with probability, ratios, and proportions. I asked the student to complete an essay, a math section, and a reading section for next week.

The student and went over his homework which was already completed, but I wanted to make sure he grasped the concepts. I then made an assumption that he would be learning the unit circle next, so we went over how to construct this and discussed its usefulness in many areas of trigonometry.

The student and I reviewed the exercises and translations that he had worked through on his own time. The translation portion flowed quite seamlessly and he is becoming more and more familiar with verb tense markers. We discussed the grammar that will be introduced in the next couple chapters, spending extra time on the present active participle. We will continue to work forward and cover the big picture grammar concepts so that he will be able work through translations when he goes away for the summer.

He has a test/quiz coming up this Monday in geometry. He started by showing me his most recent quizzes. The first quiz covered translation, rotation, reflection of objects. The second quiz was on tessellations. We looked over the problems and then also spent some time reviewing how to determine whether a shape could be form a tessellation or not. We finished by reviewing all the chapters again and went through the chapter reviews.

Upon a request from his mother, the student and I worked on days of the week and coins. There were no scores/grades to note progress. He was able to understand everything in accordance with his age.

He began working on matrices recently, so we worked on the multiple uses of them. He figured out adding and subtracting matrices very easily and he did fairly well at multiplying. He has the concept down. We then worked on the identity matrix, which is simple, and how to find determinants and inverse matrices. Again, he got the hold of it. All of the work was on 2x2 matrices, so he will begin working with larger ones over his next few classes.

We covered using synthetic division to solve various types of problems, finding functions given certain roots, finding all the roots of an equation, and finding maximums and minimums of functions. He had completed more of his exam review, but there are no actual grades to denote progress. I left him with the rest of his exam review to finish and have no major concerns at this time.

How can a Varsity Tutors tutor help you master the SHSAT?

Varsity Tutors helps students reach their highest potential on the SHSAT exam in the comfort of your own home or any other location of your choosing.

We offer intensive 4 and 6 week programs, as well as customized plans, to significantly increase your SHSAT score and improve your chances of admission to one of New York’s specialized high schools.

Intensive 4 and 6 Week SHSAT Test Prep Programs

Varsity Tutors provides intensive 4 and 6 week test prep programs for 8th and 9th graders aiming to do their best on the SHSAT. Our programs meet 3 times per week for 2 hours per day for either 4 or 6 weeks. If you are unable to attend all 6 weeks, you may take the compacted 4 week course. We can help you achieve an exceptional score and significantly improve your chances of being admitted to one of New York’s specialized high school. Our SHSAT tutors thoroughly assess your current skill level, identify areas for improvement, and develop a plan to give you the best chance for a great SHSAT score.

Your hand-picked, highly credentialed SHSAT Varsity Tutor is dedicated to your continual improvement before your test date in October or November. They will give assignments between sessions and provide tutoring for the two subject areas of the SHSAT: Verbal and Math. Our SHSAT tutors can provide subject area coaching, such as strengthening your geometry skills or reading comprehension. In addition, our tutors provide test-taking strategies and insight into the format of the SHSAT.

If you are seeking a more flexible program that meets less frequently, you can consider a customized program that may be a better fit with your schedule (see below).

Customized SHSAT Test Prep Programs Varsity Tutors provides fully customized SHSAT test prep programs to fit your needs and busy schedule. Our brilliant private tutors provide 1-on-1 tutoring in your home, or another convenient location of your choosing, and sessions are scheduled around your classes, extra-curriculars, and other activities. Our Directors provide free consultations in which you’ll learn how our hand-picked, highly credentialed tutors can help you achieve your SHSAT goals using a time-table that fits your schedule. Call us today and our Directors will discuss your goals, schedule, and specific needs and create a customized plan that meets your SHSAT goals in the most efficient way.

Varsity Tutors helps students achieve great scores on the Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT). Our SHSAT tutors impart problem solving strategies to tackle new questions, significantly raising the score students receive on the SHSAT. Because of their excellent teaching skills and tutoring experiences, our New York City tutors can help students with highly effective test prep. Each of our tutors know how to guide you through the Verbal and Math sections of the SHSAT, identifying areas of improvement, and then providing a framework to help you achieve your highest potential. Varsity Tutors can help students master both the verbal and mathematics sections of the SHSAT, giving them an important advantage in the admissions process. The SHSAT is a 2 hour and 30 minute test that covers the following:


  • Sentence Ordering
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Reading Comprehension


  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Probability
  • Statistics
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry (for 9th grade students only)

Eighth or ninth grade students seeking admissions to Bronx High School of Science; Brooklyn Technical High School; High School for Math, Science, and Engineering at City College; High School for American Studies at Lehman College; Queens High School for Sciences at York College; or Stuyvesant High School are required to take the SHSAT.

Call us today to find out more about our SHSAT tutors. We’re dedicated to helping you gain admissions into your first-choice New York school.