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Florida State University - English

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La Salle University - Education

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Carleton College - Psychology

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Temple University - Business

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Rider University - School Psychology

Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

Since the student wanted more time to review source texts, he requested to work on outlining the overall paper first instead of starting annotated bibliography entries. He came up with an outline and sub-outlines covering the major cases and sources planned for use in the paper. He decided to change major cases as discussed previously to ones more in line with the student's now more focused thesis. I assigned the student to continue to review source texts as well as gather basic facts about case studies.

The student and I first reviewed organization in writing. After this, we delved into the topic of denotation and connotation, focusing in how writers use diction to manipulate how readers see the material. We practicing making stories using specific words, and we also analyzed two small paragraphs from the book "Game of Thrones," in order to see how diction is used.

I believe I was helpful working with the student because we worked on condensing his more abstract poetic language to something that is concrete and discernible. He also introduced me to his supplemental essay prompts and we started working on that as well.

The student had a draft of an English paper that needed grammar work and quotations added. We went through the paper making some minor punctuation changes and discussed three quotes she had underlined in her novel and found ways to enter them into the flow of her paper. We also discussed suggestions and ideas for six supplemental essays she needs to write for college applications.

We did a review of the student's final draft for his English paper, which is due on Tuesday. I gave him some suggestions on sentence structure, shortening his sentences, and the use of prepositions, and wanted to see how well he could improve. He showed marked improvement on his paper, but we did include more deletions and additions that helped tie everything together. He will make a few more changes and will send me the final results tomorrow. He is showing great progress, and his sentence structure and closing paragraph were excellent.

We went over two writing prompts the student wrote for his college application. He is a great writer and the two essays he wrote were very well-written. For most of the session, we focused on how to personalize the essays and elaborate on the impact his community and accomplishments have on him. We also brainstormed ideas for personal accomplishments he could include in his writing.

Today we covered how to cite MLA from online peer-reviewed databases. We then went over basic concepts of researching information. The student cited 5 sources from the database and collected a vast number of them from her home library. She read thoroughly 3 of her 5 peer reviewed articles and took thorough notes. She began formulating a thesis from her research, and her homework is to apply the same research patterns to those sources she collected outside the database.

Today, the student and I began work on his first college essay prompt. The prompt involved making a personal statement, and related personal experience with goals and aspirations. He explained that his primary obstacle in writing has to do with where to begin. We therefore broke down the question in a few ways to determine what is being asked, and what sort of answer is being sought. From there, we discussed emphasizing the "why" over the "what," and brainstormed examples that supported a central idea. For next week, he will do the same things we just did with his second college prompt, and will solidify his thesis for both essays, as we prepare to begin writing.

The student and I discussed her goals for these tutoring sessions. She wants to improve the structure and organization of her writing. She feels her creative writing and storytelling skills are strong. She gave me an ungraded draft of her history term paper, which I will review to determine focus areas. Her first term just ended, and she is expecting several new writing assignments in the next few weeks. We spent the remainder of the session discussing her current psychology assignment, a 2-4 page essay on the developmental psychology of the characters of the movie The Breakfast Club. We reviewed her general outline for the paper and I introduced the IRAC model to help her present her ideas regarding each character in an organized way. She is going to draft the paper today and will send me a copy by email so that I can help with any structural or organizational issues that arise.

The student is in between books right now. He's working on analyzing movies in English class, as this has many similarities to analyzing literature. We watched several short videos and looked at how camera angle, lighting, sound effects, cropping, etc. tell us more about the story or create a specific mood that the plot cannot do by itself. The same goes for books and poems. We applied the same principles to one art poem. We also went over several literary devices that might come up a lot. Lastly, we went over the basics of the format for him to start practicing before college.

We worked mostly with the students' history paper on the Crusades, going over the first five paragraphs, line by line and building arguments and examples. I modeled for both girls how to use examples to bolster their points, and how to incorporate quotes, then I encouraged them to try. We also discussed the political, economic, social and religious aspects of the Crusades and how these aspects changed Europe.

Worked on preliminary schedule; helped develop introduction and began conclusion for synthesis paper; broke down reading assignments; conferred with English teacher to confirm missing work and prioritize assignments.

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