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I'm looking for a biology tutor to help finish up school year and prepare for exams.
- Tutoring job near Phoenix, AZ
I am taking a college math course online for my degree in business. I am available for session after 6:00 pm.
I am interested in getting my child tutoring for math. We have a flexible schedule, but would like to get started right away!
My son is in 7th grade and continues to struggle in his math class. He has failed several assignments. I am in need of a tutor that will come to our home and help him with his assignments and studying for math.
My daughter needs tutoring in math. We are available during the week between 4:00pm-6:00 pm.
I am looking for experienced tutors to assist my 10th grader in 10th grade geometry and 10th grade chemistry.
- Tutoring job near Phoenix, AZ
I am looking for a tutor for my 7th grade daughter during the month of August to refresh her skills before school starts in Fall. She had a 100 average and I just don't want her to forget what she had learned.
- Tutoring job near Phoenix, AZ
My son needs help with Chemistry. Mondays/Wednesday and weekends are good.
- Tutoring job near Phoenix, AZ
This is for my daughter, she is a 11 grade student. She has already taken the SATs with a score of 1920. She would like to push it to 2200+ to get into her reach school.
- Tutoring job near Phoenix, AZ
My daughter is a Sophomore in HS and is struggling w/Geometry. She is very good in math however she's just "not getting it."
- Tutoring job near Phoenix, AZ
I need math help and maybe other subjects for my 6th grader.
- Tutoring job near Phoenix, AZ
I am looking for help with English writing skills. I am a Case Planner in non-profit agency. There are a lot of progress notes to write.
- Tutoring job near Phoenix, AZ
I am looking for a tutor to help my son with first year law subjects, specially exam writing. My son attended a law school in California, but he was dismissed for not being able to meet minimum GPA. I believe he needs the techniques of issue spotting and putting the idea in the exam paper the right way.
- Tutoring job near Phoenix, AZ
My daughter is a junior. She is a 90-average student. would like a private tutor for SAT prep. Her most difficult subject is Math. Tutoring would have to be on Sunday afternoon. We have some flexibility to have a tutor on weeknight.
- Tutoring job near Phoenix, AZ
I am looking for an experienced tutor that can help my Freshman in High School daughter . She needs help with Composition and eventually preparing for AP courses and Essay writing.
- Tutoring job near Phoenix, AZ
My son is taking the SSAT very soon. His verbal skills are all set, but he could use a little boost in math skills. He has some good math skills, but he could use tutoring in some test taking strategies as well. We need a tutor that can help with both.
- Tutoring job near Phoenix, AZ
My son is a sophomore, and we are looking for a low stress, long term way to prep for the SAT's for his junior year. We would like someone to come to the house on Sundays on a fairly regular basis. We need the tutor to help with preparing him for all sections of the test, and teach him test taking strategies.
- Tutoring job near Phoenix, AZ
We are looking for test prep tutoring for our third grader who is getting ready to take the ISEE test next year.
- Tutoring job near Phoenix, AZ
We are looking for a math tutor for our daughter who is 7 years old and currently in second grade. She is maintaining approximately a "B" in class but she struggles through the subject and she is already showing a dislike of it, and we'd like someone to work with her to develop her confidence and abilities. Her school is currently using something called annotated math or the "dot system" which my husband and I are unfamiliar with, and therefore, sometimes we have trouble working with her on her math homework.
- Tutoring job near Phoenix, AZ
I plan on studying abroad in Argentina through ASU College of Law, and would like to receive more information with regards to working with a Spanish Tutor.
I am interested in tutoring for my 10 year old son. He's starting 5th grade. He needs help in Math, Writing, Grammar and Science.
My husband and I would like to take spanish lessons for a trip we are making to Nicaragua. We would like to start with learning conversational Spanish.
- Tutoring job near Phoenix, AZ
(looking for free tutoring; did not speak English well)I want a tutor for math which is Geometry.i have difficult issued with Geometry.please help and also i want more information about it
My son needs help in math and reading. He is having some trouble sounding out words and struggles with reading comprehension.
- Tutoring job near Phoenix, AZ
I am not fluent in English. I need an English teacher who can help me to speak as fluently as an american people. I would like to learn all aspects of the language.
I have taken the GRE once and was not impressed with my score. I studied with a prep book that I purchased at a local bookstore, but it was difficult to follow. I want to apply for a Masters program through ASU in 2011 and need to raise my score to have a competitive application.
My son is in kindergarten, and he is not doing his work in class or reading yet. We would like some help with this. He is smart and knows stuff at home when asked, but will not do them in class. We want the tutor to focus on his reading skills and motivate him.
- Tutoring job near Phoenix, AZ
Need biology tutoring for our daughter in 11 IB grade
- Tutoring job near Phoenix, AZ
Looking for Chemistry tutor for my 10th grade son.
- Tutoring job near Phoenix, AZ
I am looking for a tutor for my 3rd grade son. He is having studying issues and trouble focusing. Our main spoken language is Arabic so perhaps someone who has experience with the language would be best.
- Tutoring job near Phoenix, AZ
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