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Arizona State University - Psychology

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Arizona State University - Electrical Engineering

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Colorado School Of Mines - Math & Computer Science

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Arizona State University - Mathematics

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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

We discussed a new technique for solving word problems using ratios. We first reviewed how to identify and express ratios in word problems, then practiced finding the ratio to the whole using the ratio of the parts. We worked through several problems to practice this method.

This session consisted of working on two review problem sets/quizzes given out by the student's teacher. Subjects included: the fundamental theorem of calculus trigonometric substitution, initial value problems, u substitution, and average function value. I am genuinely pleased with the student's progress - he has reached a point where he is able to handle nearly all the material we have covered so far - and faced with problems he is unsure of, he has methodical approach of trying different integration techniques until he finds the correct one.

The student and I worked on multi-step equations today. I suggested that she do her scratch work on the side and keep the area below the equation clear for only the next step of the equation. I think this will help her teacher and me be better able to figure out how she is thinking through these problems.

We focused on solving problems with rational exponents. We first went over the rules of indices and then we solved some of the problems that the student was given for homework. Throughout the session I realized that he had a problem with fractions and I went over the basic concepts with him.

The student and I first worked on her math homework which involved finding the area and circumference of a circle. We reviewed on the different parts of a circle (diameter, radius, pi), and then proceeded to do at least ten practice problems. After that, we went over her homework on polyhedrons/3D shapes. She was very comfortable with counting vertices, edges and faces, and naming the shapes, so we moved on to her English paper where we reviewed and revised her paper on mythology.

We went over her review packet for her test on logs, then we went through her homeworks and notes on logs. She's really getting the hang of expanding and simplifying logs, and solving equations that use logs. She feels confident for her test.

We have progressed through to chapter 3 of the algebra test prep book we have been working through. She is very bright and understands most of the topics but psyches herself out. This is where I am helping her to feel more confident in her skills so that she doesn't lose points on a test because her nerves got in the way.

We went over completing the square, factoring and graphing quadratic equations, as well as solved for the vertex and x and y intercepts. We also worked on some more inequality problems and graphing and shading the correct regions.

The student and I reviewed for the exam. We did several problems sets until he got 100%. We then studied for his test on coordinate geometry (i.e. rotation, dilation, and translation of shapes).

This was more of a practice on taking the definite and indefinite integrals. We took a few problems out of the textbook and did them together. For each integral problem, I made sure that the student understood each step and I was happy to hear that he is getting something out of these tutoring sessions.

During our first session, the student and I started on his bulky finals review packet. We stopped at rational functions and made a study sheet for graphing them, including intercepts, asymptotes, holes, and crossings.

Algebra II- We covered topics for an upcoming quiz. Practice problems included, geometric and arithmetic sequences, and sequence summation. We also spent some time reviewing some aspects of the GI System for Anatomy/Physiology

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