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Recent Tutoring Session Reviews

Today we went over the material that the student wrote for his homework. We discussed vocabulary, and went into detail with literary terms. We discussed the importance of self-learning and researching online. Then we completed a timed writing, and went over the student's errors. We discussed his progress, and areas on which to focus in the future.

The student also completed Holes during his vacation. He also chose the prompt "what role does destiny play in the novel?" He wrote a three-pronged thesis, with his three "prongs" being the curse Madame Zeroni put on the Yelnats' family, Sam's onions, and Kate's peaches. We then outlined each of his body paragraphs using the "claim-evidence-commentary" structure. He will have his rough draft completed by Tuesday, along with the beginning chapters of his new book, Cornelia Funke's 'The Thief Lord.'

The student and I went over her assigned book. We talked about the book and she answered some questions about what she read. She wrote out answers to all the questions. She found vocabulary words from A Raisin in the Sun that were unfamiliar to her. She tried using context clues to define the words before we looked up their actual definitions. She then read The Story of an Hour and answered questions on it.

SAT vocabulary word lists and practice test on sentence structure. Review of proofreading principles. Delivery document on "Writer's Resources." Read short essays on the first chapter of Hemingway's "A Farewell to Arms" and David Wallace's "Big Fish." Provided curriculum mapping out study plans. Assigned "The El Dorado Machine" article for future session.

The student and I continued our unit on Authors as Mentors. We made a chart of the similarities and differences between the book we read today and yesterday. We then brainstormed together how we could write a similar book.

The student and I reviewed some writing samples he had completed. We discussed writing "rules" and guidelines for improvement. We then went over a number of writing samples by professional authors to show how these writers were applying the concepts he was learning.

(1) Warm-up - We warmed up by continuing our review of choosing the right word. The student did extremely well. He is improving his ability to select the correct word (from an easily confused pair) and to justify why his choice is the correct answer.

(2) Personal statement - The student has selected a new prompt for his personal statement. We did some brainstorming together and I set him up with prompts to gather details on his own over the next few weeks before drafting.

(3) Timed writing - We quickly reviewed plot and narrative structure. The student is able to describe a fiction outline, but still has questions about application and some trouble with execution. His new attempt was much better in the first and showed understanding of personal narrative writing. He is also more successfully planning before he begins to write.

This was our first session. The student is a very smart and motivated student, a pleasure to work with. We did some basic reading comprehension exercises that he excelled at; he has a really great sense of how to go through process of elimination when presented with multiple choice questions. We also looked at a piece he did for a school project this past year and edited it. The student seems to need the most help working on editing, so we will focus specifically on that for the next few sessions.

Today the student and I reviewed our progress up to this point, specifically our work on the four main parts of speech (noun, verb, adjective, adverb), as well as phrases, clauses, and prepositions. We then moved on to the difference between transitive and intransitive verbs. We scheduled another meeting for Thursday morning to reinforce today's session and get more practice on these topics.

Further developed themes of last class: outlining and organizing writing by going through key points; establishing some grammatical and diction guidelines etc. Moving toward working on what a thesis or primary point is. Encouraging student to keep track of major event each day to encourage attention to what is significant and organization. Some homework over the weekend and things to consider for next week.

Today we reviewed and edited her essay regarding student experiences in the graduate program. We then discussed finding scholarly articles and placement of citations within this essay. We then began an outline of her final paper for this project, a short 500 word reflection on her educational philosophy and the manner in which it has changed and evolved over the course of her graduate studies.

The student had finished the book, and we started our lesson with a discussion of what exactly had happened in The Quiet American. There is a twist in the book, with a surprise ending. As readers, we were surprised because the narrator was involved, and the student wasn't sure how he felt about that. He definitely felt like Fowler had back stabbed Pyle though.

We then discussed MLA formatting, because his assignment for Tuesday is for him to draft a copy of his Long Form Analysis for this book for questions 1-10 within 4-6 pages, typed, single-spaced. He also will have to do research on the author, and his times.

Next, we discussed parts of a sentence (subject, predicate, and complements) and went in depth into subjects, including understood you and "there"-based sentences.

The student finished with writing a 2 page paper on changes in food and agriculture in the past 100 years. He did a great job on it, with only a few mistakes- one in parallelism.

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